I love to hate running

So I added running to my repertoire about five years ago, but really didn’t focus on it until about three or four years ago. I fully admit it – I hate to run. Wait, that’s not true. I love it. I love the total body workout it gives me and the total runner’s high (no other fitness “high” compares!) I experience when it’s all over. But…I also hate it, because it’s hard for me, very hard. I’m not a natural born runner. I never did track and field in high school or college so for me, running is not in-bred in me, it’s a learned talent (if you can even call what I do when I run “talent!”).

Every time I run is a new experience for me – I could end up battling side cramps or feel like I’m running through quicksand one day and the next day I finish my run only to feel as though I could run for miles and miles more. How does that happen, I have no idea!

So today was an “I love to run” morning. I met my sister (best workout buddy ever, more on her in a future post, I promise) for a run. We’re planning to run a 5-miler on Thanksgiving (my husband, Scott, and I ran it last year, this was before my sister started running with me – again, more later on this) and figured it was time to do some longer runs. Well, today in New England it’s utterly breathtaking. It’s fall – and my favorite part of fall, when the leaves are still on the trees, full of color and life – and the sky is bright blue, sun shining, just a slight chill in the air. PERFECT running weather. We took off on a new route and I felt great, the whole time too, no side cramps, no feeling as though I had ankle weights on, none of that. It was awesome. As I sit here writing this post, I have that incredible runner’s high, I feel fit, I feel strong, dare I say I even feel beautiful (well, sweaty, matted down hair “beautiful” anyway)!

This is the kind of running I love. I try to remember that for every “hard” or “bad” running experience I have, days like this totally make up for it. I’m hoping that I’ll feel just as good, if not better, on Thanksgiving for the big race. My problem is – when I get into a race environment, my mind starts playing tricks on me and I go into hyperventilation mode. I don’t know why, I think I get freaked out by the time going by and just need to focus on the beautiful scenery, spending time with my running mates (my husband makes a pretty darn good running coach, fyi!) and just experiencing the run, no mind games. So fingers crossed on that one.

I’ll spend more time in a future post on running, and the running group my sister and I started with a group of friends, but for now, I hope you all enjoy your Sunday, and don’t forget to get your sweat on!


4 thoughts on “I love to hate running

  1. THANK YOU! I started to run this summer (if you can call it running), using the “couch to 5k” method. I did okay, then got back into going to the gym. But I haven’t been able to run lately, side cramping, feet made of lead, etc. etc. And I’ve been thinking of just giving up at it. But I do want to do a 5k! And would LOVE to do one with friends! So you’ve inspired me to try again. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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