In a previous life…

…I swear I was a personal trainer, workout instructor or some kind of fitness guru.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m good at what I do..dare I say even pretty darn great at it. I’m a PR Manager for an agency that specializes in high-tech PR. In other words, all of my clients talk about things like speeds and feeds, cybersecurity attacks and so on and so forth. Sounds pretty dry, right? Well – it’s not, it has it’s moments like every job – not gonna lie – but its been a great learning experience and it does pay the bills (including those tied to gym membership fees, home gym equipment, Cathe gear, etc.) so I’m not complaining.

But – had I known what I do today about my love of everything fitness, I’m fairly certain I’d be in the fitness industry in some some shape or form.

The reason I bring this is up? Well, I have an opportunity to train to be a Group Kick certified instructor. It would be my first taste at being on the “other side” of the room. Not an active participant in class but the instructor. It scares the life out of me…but also totally piques my interest. It would require a lot of work and training for the next few months but I’m toying with doing it, if for no other reason than to get paid to workout! The catch is that after all that training, while I’d be certified, I wouldn’t be guaranteed a class at my gym (limited spots, blah blah blah). But hey – I guess I’d cross that bridge when I got there, right?

Hmm…as I face another Monday, I’m contemplating the challenge that this could/would bring. At the very least, I’m hoping it would satisfy my fitness cravings, beyond what I do on my own, but we’ll see. Regardless,  stay tuned for an update after my meeting with the Group Kick lead at my gym, hopefully in the next week or so.


3 thoughts on “In a previous life…

  1. As a PR client of yours, I agree that you’re “pretty darn great at it”, PR that is. If you take the leap into fitness training, please do it part time, I can’t afford to lose you at your “real” job!

    Good luck!


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