So you don’t really know much about me yet…

I’m a self-professed  workout-a-holic (and PR pro), we know this much about me so far, right? I figured now that I’ve gotten this blog started and am totally in love with blogging already, I think it’s time to take a step back and tell you all a little bit more about myself and how I got so into fitness in the first place.

I’m going to do this in a series of blog posts – today’s will focus on a little bit more about me and the next few will focus on my fitness journey to date.

So, without further ado -more about me!


Something I’m very proud of is that I’m a triplet, I have two amazing sisters who are more like my best friends and I don’t know what I’d do without them. Here’s how they fit in to my life, fitness, or otherwise!

I have two pretty awesome sisters and guess what? They both blog. I’m last to hop on the blogging bandwagon, funny since I’m technically the “oldest” so you’d think I’d be the first to do things all the time, but not this.

So anyway, Jen is the “middle” sister and fraternal. She’s in the midst of getting her Ph.D. while juggling a menagerie of “kids” (aka pets – two dogs, two cats) and of course, cooking up a storm at home with her husband Josh.  I turn to her for the best cooking tips and yummy recipes but sadly, have not tapped her major knack for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers. I do NOT have a green thumb, that’s for sure. I do “borrow” Jen’s whenever I can though. She grows a mean tomato and squash, lemme tell ya 😉

And Jolene, she’s the “youngest” and identical to me. We share a lot of common interests, as a result. We work together and workout together on most mornings during the week. Mostly because she lives about five minutes from me, and let’s be honest, a workout buddy keeps it real, am I right?

I mentioned once before that recent life events have made me realize just how short life is, right? Well, one of those “life events” was Jolene’s divorce, which if you’ve clicked through yet, you’ll see it’s a main focus of her blog. I bring this up in the context of this blog post for one reason – interestingly enough, the last year while Jolene’s been dealing with the emotional rollercoaster of her divorce – the two of us have collectively taken our workouts to the next sweaty level. We’ve taken the spin bike by the horns, we’ve tackled two rounds of STS, we’ve made our second appearance at Cathe’s annual Road Trip in NJ, and we love to hate running (well, I forced her to join me in the “love to hate” battle but I digress…). I think this is mostly because for Jolene, working out was the one constant in her life and to be honest, I was happy to come along for the ride (no pun intended). So, in addition to simply loving to workout anyway, working out with Jolene has been a real bonding experience for us, and for that, I’m truly grateful.

And even though I can’t workout with Jen since she lives farther away from me, I think this past year has been a real year of growth and bonding for all three of us for a multitude of reasons. It could partly be because we just turned (gasp) the big 3-0…which we’ve all embraced in its entirety, so far anyway 😉

So today’s post? Not so much about fitness per se, but more about the “breathe” aspect of my blog – or living life to the fullest and never taking things for granted, including the special bond I have with my sisters.


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