Becoming a Cathlete

Now that you know more about my humble beginnings as a newbie trying to figure out my fitness ebb and flow, I want to use this post to describe how I became a “Cathlete” – or a die-hard Cathe Friedrich fitness fan. For those of you don’t know who Cathe Friedrich is, she’s hands-down the best, most inspirational and by far the TOUGHEST at-home fitness guru ever. She’s been in the industry for 20 years, has always been one step ahead of her competitors (I mean, I love Jillian Michaels but even she doesn’t compare to Cathe, her workouts are incredible, intense, hard-core). It still boggles my mind that Cathe doesn’t have the instant name recognition that others in the industry have, maybe she needs a PR boost, perhaps from a PR Goddess even…know anyone?? 😉

Anyway, I discovered Cathe, as I mentioned in my last post, when I started my first job right out of college and wanted to integrate gym routines with some workouts I could do at home. I was newly married and totally motivated to never be the married chick who “let herself go.” Scott thinks I’m nuts for even being concerned with the “letting yourself go” factor, but I’ve seen it happen and I refuse to be that person. I know, an odd goal to have but hey – that’s what makes me a workout fiend/Cathlete, right??

I stumbled on my first Cathe video on, a site dedicated to fitness DVDs and workout equipment for the at-home exerciser. The DVD was called Kick Max – a 70 minute kickboxing routine that totally kicked my butt (and still does, today!). If I could pinpoint the moment I went from casual exerciser to total die-hard, it was after I started doing Cathe routines that I started to kick up the rest of my workouts a notch. Nothing else gave me the cardio burn I was itching for that Cathe’s routines did.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve continued to integrate Cathe’s workouts into my fitness regime and most recently completed (twice) her newest endeavor – STS, which stands for Shock Training System. You’ll hear more about that in a future post which for me, has been an amazing journey as it was that weight training routine that finally gave me the visible results I’d been striving for over the years. But before I dive into STS, I have got to dedicate my next post to my fitness nemesis: running. I have some *fun* stories to share on that front which you’ll see in tomorrow’s post.


2 thoughts on “Becoming a Cathlete

  1. I’ve always wanted to know how you became addicted to Cathe – I might just have to check out the videos for myself 😉

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