So, I’m gonna do it…

…I’m going to become a certified Group Kick instructor! I met with the group lead at my gym and was hooked instantly. Seriously, it scares the crap out of me, I’m not gonna lie. It’s going to be HARD, both physically and mentally. Just the certification alone is going to kick my butt – its 9 hour days for three solid days but hell, I figure if I can spend an entire weekend getting my butt kicked by Cathe at the Road Trip two years running, I can certainly do this. 🙂

What I love is this. Well, two things really. It’s obviously going to really take my workouts up a notch – and I am such a glutton for punishment, I love the “no pain no gain” mantra!! And, more importantly, it’s going to be a real test of my commitment to fitness and sharing what I’ve learned with others, instilling that passion in them what I’ve learned over the years and you know what? I am, quite honestly, surprised at just how much the prospect excites me. I am energized. I am excited. I am passionate. I’m a little bit intimidated. But, I’m ready. As they say, I’m ready to “kick some!”

My sister is joining me in this little endeavor and even blogged about it in-depth on her own blog tonight, an excerpt follows (can you tell we share DNA or what?), enjoy!

I took the plunge today…and have decided to take the plunge on something I have wanted to do for a long time – get certified to teach a kickboxing class!! Seriously, who IS this person?!

Now, sure, it scares the living daylights out of me, to be honest, but that’s why I am doing it, because I KNOW I can, I’m capable, I’m fun, and I can work out like the best of them! Now, how that translates in front of a group of people, microphoned, choreographed, sweating, and on stage – remains to be seen, but I am going to push for it, with the hopes of learning a lot, finding a new sense of confidence and presence (which will hopefully translate into work as well), and having a hell of a lot of fun (and hey, any pounds lost or other physical benefits, I’m all about!!)

7 thoughts on “So, I’m gonna do it…

  1. This is awesome! I think this is going to be great for you. I hope you enjoy every minute of it (I’m pretty sure you will), and have the experience of a life time! 🙂

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  4. just found your blog today…love it! we share the same passion for exercise! I became a RPM instructor 2 years ago and then a Pump instructor last year. First time was so scarry but I felt SOOOOO wonderful afterwards. Congrats on your endeavor! (oh…and I was a Cathe follower too…just starting getting out her workouts to put in my rotation again….she is the best.)

    • Hi Mary Kate! Thank you for stopping by! I’m always so excited to find new blog friends out there…especially ones that share my obsession with fitness…and bonus points if you love Cathe too. 😉

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