Give it a rest

I’m using today to learn how to give it a rest. I’m not very good at this “rest” day stuff, as you can probably tell already. But, today it was necessary and I took full advantage, complete with a nap on the couch with Scott! As I sit here typing this, the smell of homemade pasta sauce (father-in-law’s recipe!) and the football game playing in the background, and I feel, well, rested. And it feels pretty good. Still doesn’t compare to the endorphin rush of a good workout but I’m learning, I am supposedly all about balance so I should practice what I preach, huh? 😉

So this is a short post dedicated to the concept of rest and balance. And the learning process that is me – the type A-er that has a hard time letting go of her routine in favor of balance, but hey, baby steps right?

On that note, I’m now fully ready to take on this weeks’ sweat fests, despite a business trip that may attempt to interfere with my workout routine, wish me luck on that one! (reminds me of another Cathe workout I can’t wait for – Travel Fit – would be perfect for me this week, hopefully the gym at the hotel is decent, ha!).


One thought on “Give it a rest

  1. Where are you going? I’ve found a FEW awesome gyms. And a bunch of doozies…I just checked out the one here. It’s okay, If you like to run on a treadmill in a closet. 🙂

    But tell me where you are going! Maybe I’ll be there!

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