Feeling uninspired

Wow, I’m having an uninspired moment today. This week has been up and down for me for a few reasons.

Work has been stressful – between a three-day work trip that totally screwed up my workout schedule and a couple of big projects at work – I’m pretty stressed and it’s wearing me out.

My workouts have felt uninspired lately and I’m not sure why. Could be because I’m overtired and thus my workouts have been less energizing and motivating than normal. Or, maybe I need to change it up again. Maybe both?

My workouts this week  have been focused on one of Cathe’s other weight/cardio combination routines called 4 Day Split (4DS) which I’ve enjoyed but I’m so partial to STS workouts for my weight training that this has sort of felt like STS-lite in a way. The cardio portion is 30 mins followed by 30 mins of heavy weight training. I like it but I don’t LOVE it which I think may be a contributing factor to this uninspired vibe I’m getting.

Hmph. I’m not liking it either way.

On that note, I’m going to try to jump-start my system back into inspiration mode at spinning tonight, wish me luck 😉


Ok, so apparently I was just having spinning withdrawals or something. I just totally spun the life out of my spin bike and feel like a million bucks! I was all ready to come home and crash but now I’m on such a high (see? addict much??) that I’m ready to conquer cleaning my house tonight so I can reserve the weekend for fun and as little chores/errands as possible. 🙂


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