Be strong, Live strong

On the way to the gym this morning, I noticed a sign posted out front that said “Be strong, Live strong” and it totally stuck with me during spin class. I paid more attention to how strong I felt during the class. I started thinking back to when I first started taking spin class and how hard each stroke of the pedal was, so much so that I thought I’d never make it the full hour. Now? I spin like a fiend and really took notice of how hard I pushed myself today, glancing around the room, I (well and my sister of course!) was probably working the hardest of nearly everyone else in the class this morning.

I don’t say this to brag (seriously!) but to make a point. I feel strong. And I’m so proud of that feeling. The “be strong, live strong” mantra is a good one for me because it describes where I am in life currently. And I’m not only talking about physical strength but emotional strength as well. This past year has been an emotional one for me as I rode quite a rollercoaster with my sister as she went through what was probably the most difficult period of her life to date – she went through a divorce. Now obviously it was her that experienced the divorce, not me. But, it was very painful for me too for a few reasons. For one – my sister and her husband were like me and Scott’s “other half” – we spent all sorts of time together and really created a mini-family within our family, as a result. So when the slap of reality hit that all of this was crumbling apart, I felt her pain so deeply. My heart literally ached for her everytime I saw her because her pain was so strong in her eyes (especially from my perspective since we are so close, it was written all over her face, though she put up such a strong front for others, it was incredible to watch).

Looking back on the past year, from that perspective, it’s been an amazing journey and I’m so proud of my sister for how far she’s come – she’s like a new, incredible, powerful, and strong woman. To me, she defines strength. I wrote about it more on her blog recently when she asked me to guest blog recently.

From the physical strength perspective, it’s been a year of total and complete commitment – for both of us really. She threw herself into her workouts as the one constant in her life and I was happy to join her on that mission. I am not afraid to admit that I’m proud of where we are today vs. a year ago. It’s been so much fun – from spinning, to our fabulous group of running gals, to STS and now, in just a few weeks, the Group Kick certification.

Now, going back to this morning and seeing that sign at the gym. On the way back from the gym, amidst a very rainy and windy cold day in New England, I heard a song that always inspires me on the radio. It’s Nickelback’s “If today was your last day” which I love – it’s a good slap of reality when you’re feeling down and woe-is-me about the mundane aspects of life that we all complain about (job woes seem to be a biggie for many in my circle lately). On that note, take a listen – the lyrics are awesome – and have a great, inspired Saturday!


3 thoughts on “Be strong, Live strong

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