Move it, Move it

**Warning, this post was totally inspired by a remake of the ’90s hit “Move it, Move it” so please bear with me on this one!**

Now that I’ve aptly warned you, I’m sure you all have that song stuck in your head – it’s been cemented into my brain since spin this morning so I thought it was only fitting to make it the basis of today’s post.

So, today at spin, the last song played was obviously “move it, move it” and was played during the climb track which is basically the most intense, excruciating track of the entire class (great, save it for last when I’m all but spent, who’s idea was that?!). I bring this up for two reasons. For one, this song is definitely making it’s way onto my iPod workout playlist. For two, the phrase “move it, move it” itself pretty much sums up what I hope this blog will do for me, but also for some of you, too.

Basically, I strive to “move it, move it” everyday in some shape or form. And I’ll tell you why:

  • I’m a workout-a-holic (no, duh)
  • I love to sweat
  • I love to eat and drink…and to do that, I need to sweat to balance out my love of food and a good glass of vino
  • I use the energy from every workout as my motivator throughout the day…anytime I’m having a frustrating work moment or feel  stressed about something else going on in life (as we all do), I revert back to that morning’s workout (or focus on the workout to come that night, depending on the day of the week) and it brings me a sense of calm energy.

I feel like I’ve been saying a lot of these things a lot lately, but its all in the name of showing you how I’ve formed my workout habit. Remember, it takes time to form that habit, afterall!

On that note, I’d love to hear from you what is currently motivating you to workout. Is it a new song you are obsessed with, playing it on repeat on your iPod? Is it the fact that the holidays are coming and you want to balance out the party food (YUM, I am a sucker for a good app!)? Is it because you feel good about yourself and your body when you workout? Is it me??? I’m kidding about that last one, but seriously, I’m always looking for motivation and I figure the more ideas, the better!

And now…if you don’t have “move it, move it” in your head yet, you will now:


3 thoughts on “Move it, Move it

    • Start slow, especially YOU, D 😉 Start with attempting one workout this week, just one doesn’t sound so bad right? Then next week, add a second workout to the week. What I think you need to figure out first is whether you would rather wake up and get it over with in the morning or if you’d much rather do it at night. Once you figure that out, you just have to set your mind to it. Once you get a few workouts under your belt, and you start to establish a routine, I promise that the rest will follow. You did it before, you can DEFINITELY do it again!

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