Longest. Run. Ever.

Not gonna lie. I am so proud of myself! I ran my longest run ever this morning with Scott. We managed to run all the way from our house to his best friend’s house – which is a town away from us, they just moved in so it was kind of a neat little goal of ours – and back. Today is yet another gorgeous fall day in New England which, by all accounts, is PERFECT running weather. It’s sunny, a little breezy and pretty warm, especially considering Thanksgiving is a week away. Even Scott commented that I ran my best ever, no wimpering, no complaining, no stopping, I ran it like a champ, he claims at least. 😉 Either way, I am excited that I’ve come so far and can actually say that I love running. Now the treadmill? That’s another story altogether, but I digress.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, part of the reason for today’s lengthy run was to prepare for the Wild Turkey Run we’re signed up for on Thanksgiving which is a 5 miler at 8am on turkey day. Scott and I ran it last year and this year, Jo is going to join us which I’m really excited about. I know she’ll be great (even though she’s shaking her head at me as she reads this I’m sure). It sort of caps off a long year of ups and downs for her, and for us partially, so I’m looking forward to rocking this race like no other.

As our motto goes, “Start strong, Just Finish” – somehow I think we’ll be finishing this one strong too, just sayin’. 😉


5 thoughts on “Longest. Run. Ever.

  1. Okay, I was thinking about this after I saw your Facebook Status and then was thinking about it tonight…
    How do you run with a guy with REALLY LONG LEGS, when your legs are not so long? If I remember correctly, Scott is tall, you are not so tall. Dave is TALL, I am not so tall and honestly, when I run, he can walk at a brisk pace next to me, which uhh…makes me feel, NOT SO GOOD about myself. HELP!

  2. Love the motto “Start strong, just finish”! PERFECT! I am going to keep that in my head when I run my first 5 mile run. Just ran my second 4 mile run and my goal is to get to 5 (and make it the entire way) before the end of the year. I am such a bad starter though, the first mile and a half is the most torturous time then after that it’s all good…go figure. So, again, love the motto.

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