Things I’m thankful for: Workouts that leave me spent

As we near the Thanksgiving holiday this week, I thought I’d dedicate the next few blog entries to things I’m thankful for.  Today’s thankful thought? Workouts that leave me so drained, so spent, that I can hardly lift my arms above my head.

Yup, I started STS again, this time doing an “undulating” rotation. Basically, every workout (3x/week) takes from a different mesocycle to shock the body in an entirely new way every single day.  So today focused on endurance (meso 1), tomorrow’s will be about hypertrophy (meso 2) and Friday’s will be about strength (meso 3). As I mentioned before, I took a few weeks off from STS to “shock” my body with other workouts – one week was cardio intensive, the next was focused on another weight-training regime from Cathe and then I did a two weeks of cardio mixed with Group Power at my gym. What surprised me after taking time away from STS was that no other weight lifting workout pushes me as hard as STS. I literally could not do one more pushup, one more overhead press or one more bicep curl at the end of today’s workout. It felt great, amazing, intense and awesome!

So today, I am very thankful for getting to that “spent” feeling in a workout. I definitely missed it!

Other things I’m thankful for today, non-fitness related? The amazing weekend I spent almost entirely with Scott. As I think I’ve mentioned before, he works in retail, so most holidays are spent working (while we’re all relaxing!) and most weekends are spent working, too. Well this was one of the rare few weekends he had entirely off (since he worked the whole weekend prior) and we took full advantage. It’s weekends like this past one, when I can really spend time with Scott, versus running in twenty-five different directions that I fall even more in love with him. I know, you’d think after 5+ years of marriage that the “in love” factor would fade a little bit but it hasn’t for us. This past year, in particular, we’ve really taken the extra time to connect and appreciate the amazing, fun and exciting connection we have. I do not take it for granted and never will, I know I’m a very lucky lady.

So today – thankful for workouts that kick my butt and for an awesome husband who makes every moment so special, so fun, so filled with love. 🙂

Happy Monday everyone, a short week sure does make Mondays easier to swallow, huh?



3 thoughts on “Things I’m thankful for: Workouts that leave me spent

  1. Hope you follow up with your thoughts on the undulating STS program. I have really been wanting to try that out. I did do Cathe’s Oct rotation which would be a super condensed undulation rotation. It was fun and challenging. STS has to be one of the best weight lifting programs!

    • I will definitely keep ya’ll posted on how this undulating rotation goes! It’ll be weird to adjust to hopping from meso to meso but I’m looking forward to the challenge. And you’re so right, STS is hands-down the best weight training workout for RESULTS! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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