Things I’m thankful for: Opportunity

Opportunity, for me, takes on multiple meanings in this post. Today, I’m thankful for the opportunity…

  • To truly challenge myself with the Group Kick certification coming up in just two weeks (eek!);
  • To be able to afford to experience of all sorts of awesome workout routines – The annual Cathe Road Trip (2 years running!); STS and very soon-to-come STS Shock Cardio; Core Fusion; Group Ride and Group Power; running and everything in between. I’m so grateful for these opportunities and the paycheck that helps foot the bill for it all 😉
  • To bond with friends and family through fitness; even if it’s just through this blog, fitness has a uniting power to it that brings together all sorts of different groups of people. I can’t think of another outlet that has quite the same bonding aspect to it that a good sweat-fest does, can you?
  • To gain confidence and strength as a result of all of this crazy workout fun I’ve been having this past year. I am once again humbled looking back at it all, it’s been a pretty incredible ride – and well beyond fitness, too! I’ve had some great vacations in Maine at our lakeside family camp this summer; an incredible Sonoma trip with Scott, one of my sisters and a few friends; the aforementioned Cathe Road trip with my sister and two fellow Cathletes; and an awesome 5 year anniversary trip to Punta Cana with Scott that was truly unforgettable!

So, adding it all up, life is pretty darn good right now, I have to admit. I will definitely be referring back to this blog post next time I have a woe-is-me moment, that’s for sure. Talk about putting it all into perspective, huh?