A word about perspective

Was catching up on my blogs this afternoon after being fairly disconnected during the holiday this weekend and was totally inspired by this blog post for  a  few reasons.

Most obvious and self-serving – I’m looking for my motivation to get my workout groove on tonight. I usually workout in the AM but chose to sleep in with the hubby for a change, since he’ll be out tonight and what better way to spend the night than working out with my favorite fitness fiend, Cathe?

Less obvious – this part of Heather’s blog post really struck me, and struck he hard:

I am also lucky to have my health and am strong and capable. I may have aches and pains and migraine headaches, but that is nothing compared to what others are going through. So when I started to skip out on my workout this morning (legs), I thought about those who don’t have the luxury of even being able to workout or knowing that they don’t have many more workouts that they can even skip out on. So I pushed on.

Wow. Talk about hitting the nail on the head with that comment. It truly continues to be about perspective for me and is something I think so many of us fail to have at certain moments in time.  I think so many of us fall into the “woe is me” trap and will find any reason to be miserable with the little things that inevitably crop up in life that are annoying, frustrating, bothersome. But, on the flip side, the majority of us are in good health and lead happy, normal, fulfilled lives.

But, and here’s the big BUT, do we realize it, though? I mean, REALLY realize it? Even something seemingly minor like being ABLE to workout freely and as often as we like, due to good health and the funding necessary to afford a gym membership or at-home workout equipment, or even just sneakers and a fitness band!

At the end of the day, as Heather so astutely points out, we collectively need to look for the positives in life, the small victories and little things that make us pause and smile.

So, I’ll start. Today the little things that made me smile…

  • A super-cute text from Scott earlier that totally made me giggle
  • A “secret spot” gathering this morning with my closest friends at work to rehash the weekend
  • A killer STS workout that I am now fully looking forward to thanks to Heather!
  • And some “me” time that I’m planning to embrace tonight, post-workout.  I’m thinking its a salmon and sauteed spinach kinda night, topped off with a lowfat cupcake (thanks to my sis and the delish hungry-girl recipe we love so much) and maybe a face mask while watching trashy TV

How about you? Let’s hear your “little things that made me smile today” stories.  🙂