Group Kick: Day 1 Recap

Well, I survived. And LOVED it.

I’m sore, I’m tired. I’m spent.

But it was everything I hoped it would be and the good news? I’m not totally horrible at it, just need lots of practice, practice, practice!!

We started the day taking the class from start to finish as if we were regular participants. I’d never even seen the whole class before so to take it as a participant is one thing. But to take it as a participant knowing that eventually I’d be standing up there teaching it, was quite another.

My head started to spin at this point.

But, as Natalie (our trainer who rocks) broke down the kicks and punches from three of the tracks, it started to fit together better. My head is still spinning trying to make my body do what my brain is telling me but I think I just need to basically practice until I’m doing it in my sleep, literally.

We did get homework, however. I’m procrastinating by writing this blog post, but I needed to just sit and rest for a half hour first, can you blame me?? 😉

I have to learn the second track (“Box”) and be able to teach it tomorrow to the rest of the trainees. The good news is that I don’t have to cue it tomorrow, just teach it with two others. Phew. Cueing is going to take some getting used to. That’s the part that freaks me out.

But you know what? I think that’s the part of this whole experience that is really going to get me to grow. Cueing takes me out of my comfort zone entirely. I have to motivate by doing, not by participating in classes, talking about it on this blog or with friends at the office. I’m excited because that’s always been my goal – to motivate, inspire and energize. One thing’s for sure, Group Kick sure does ENERGIZE. What a workout!

So on the agenda for tonight? Practicing up a storm with my sister (she has track 4 – the “kick” track) and taking a lonnnng hot shower.

For tomorrow? We’ll spend the first half of the day doing the group practice (tracks 2, 4 and 6) and then we’ll learn the moves that make up the muay thai and martials arts move that we didn’t cover today. The afternoon will be spent learning about cueing, motivating and connecting with our class. THIS is the part I need to learn most of all. I just want to rock it as an instructor in the worst way, I have a tiny fear that I won’t get out of my own way and just BE ME. That’s what I need to remember. Be myself. I’m funny, I’m friendly, I’m a pretty darn good motivator. I know my stuff. I just need to show it. And I’m ready to conquer the challenge of getting there!!

More tomorrow…day 2 of 3.


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