Group Kick: Day 2 Recap

Well, it’s 5:30 and I made it through the second day of Group Kick training. It was a mixed day for me, I’m not gonna lie.

First – the highlights:

  • I taught (no cueing) my first track and, after reviewing myself on camera (yikes), I didn’t look as bad as I thought! I noticed some areas to tighten up but all in all, not too shabby.
  • I had fun, we did a lot of martial arts and muay thai moves that were VERY different from what we learned yesterday (that was more boxing oriented).
  • I woke up sore but not NEARLY as sore as I thought I would be today. I interpret that to mean I’m in pretty good shape. 🙂

Now, the frustrating parts:

  • I am NOT good at not being good at something. I get very frustrated, very easily. That was me today trying to do JUMP kicks. Yes, jump kicks. I’ve never been all that great at plyo moves that involve jumping. I tend to look like a ton of bricks landing. It’s not pretty.
  • I am not quite sure how I’ll learn to cue, motivate the class and know all the choreography, and do it all technically-accurate. Seems pretty daunting to me at this point. Good thing I have six weeks to get it all down. Seems doable???

So yes, today was a very long and very active day but I learned a ton. Oh – the other bad news? The “homework” tonight? I have to learn track 3 which is muay thai-based and was probably the hardest track we learned today. And oh yeah, those jump kicks? This is the ONLY track they make an appearance in. Lucky me. The other challenge is that I have to learn this track inside and out and be able to cue it tomorrow, too. This will probably be the toughest five minutes of the whole weekend!

But, all in all, I am still LOVING every minute of this experience and am so glad that my sister and I took the plunge. It’s going to be a TON of work, a LOT of practicing and late nights, but I’m ready for it (just maybe not the jump kicks part…).

So I’m off to have dinner (steamed broccoli, mashed sweet potato and baked salmon) before it’s time to practice, practice, practice with my sister.

And for posterity, here’s a shot of us that I just took just to prove that we’re as sweat-soaked and exhausted as we seem…although now that I look at it, we look juuust a little bit too happy despite what we’ve been through the past two days, huh?  😉

(That’s me on the left – in the “Sweat” shirt that actually inspired the name of this blog!)


3 thoughts on “Group Kick: Day 2 Recap

  1. I am glad you were not too sore today, that you did well on camera, and that you got through a tough day of new challenges!

    I suppose they choose the moves that each budding instructor is NOT naturally good at to be the ones that you practice extra hard to be able to teach tomorrow. Wouldn’t that make sense if they DO analyze the group and give you each the segment that is your biggest challenge?

    Let your body learn the moves and keep your mind out of it, and just do over and over again and YOU WILL GET IT!

    So the toughest five minutes of tomorrow’s session will pass in the same amount of time as any other five minute time span even if it looms large in your imagination tonight, soon you will be on the other side of that challenge and you will feel as radiant and you and Jo look in that picture!

    I’m proud of you both for taking this on! Jen’s concert was excellent last night and she is excelling in her way just as you are in your way. Such a cool group of daughters you are!

    Love you all!

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