Group Kick: Annnd that’s a wrap, people!


I can’t believe I made it through 25 hours of training this weekend but somehow I made it. My body is feeling it like WHOA right about now. There isn’t one part of my body that doesn’t hurt buuuuut I love it. This kind of pain equals real accomplishment.

Today’s training was eye-opening to say the least. I taught (cueing included!) the third track which, as I mentioned last night, is a muay thai-based routine. Lots of kicking (ahhh jump kicks!) and elbows and jabs. I practiced a TON last night with Jo and got up early this morning for more practice. It totally paid off, though. I was definitely not GREAT but I wasn’t bad. I had some technical misfires (that descending elbow looked horrendous on camera!!) but I did the entire track without missing a beat and managed to yelp out a few cues here and there. Not too bad for the first time out, especially not having a lick of instructor background in me…yet. 😉

After getting through everyone’s tracks which took about an hour (and WOW that hour is killer, and that wasn’t even all the tracks, yikes!), we ran through our videos to figure out what we’re doing right, wrong, etc. Spent the afternoon working through how to manage our classes, how to motivate and how to “be” the Group Kick brand (time to go shopping, I need baggier pants, no more yoga pants for me, at least not for Kick). All good stuff. Then the real eye-opening part came. We ran through a series of team training exercises, all designed to hone our technique. Went through all the punches and kicks in a very structured way in partner-format and learned SO MUCH about what I was doing right or wrong and how to correct it.

This was one of the first moments where I stood back and really thought, “wow, with just a little practice, I am already making improvements.” Natalie (our trainer) called them our “aha” moments and she was totally right!

After that moment,  I started to think back just two days ago to Friday and how foreign all of this felt to me and, it felt pretty insurmountable. Not gonna lie – it still feels like a LONG road is ahead of me and I know it is. But I know it’s DOABLE. It’ll mean a ton of practice, a TON of it. And I’ll constantly battle self-doubt which creeps in here and there, but I’m ready to commit to that, I knew it going in that this would take over my life for a bit but I’m OK with that. Thankfully, so is Scott who is super-supportive!

So needless to say, I am SO GRATEFUL for this experience and really proud of myself (and Jo!) for taking the plunge together. I’m so excited about the end-result, I just hope it looks as good as I envision it will in my mind. 😉

Now that I’m totally and completely ravenous, I’m off to celebrate this mini-victory on the Group Kick journey with some WINE (ok, maybe a LOT of wine) and some of our homemade pizza which is a fan-favorite among our family and friends. DELISH!

Hope ya’ll had a great weekend and enjoyed the Group Kick updates, I’m sure you’ll get sick of hearing about it soon but I’m warning you in advance, I’m not that easy to shut up so beware. 😉


8 thoughts on “Group Kick: Annnd that’s a wrap, people!

  1. Haha no you aren’t that easy to shut up 😉 Just kidding! We did it, I can’t believe it!! It’s gonna be a lot of work, but I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else! 🙂

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