Taking my own advice

Well, I’m taking my own advice for a change. For those that know me, I have a stubborn streak in me. Sometimes it’s a good thing, other times notsomuch.

All day today I was trying so hard to rally for a PM workout since I wisely chose to sleep a little later this morning after this weekend’s Group Kick shenanigans. I REALLY wanted to get back to STS tonight and get a good sweat in, I honestly missed not working out for hours and hours like I had all weekend long. It felt oddly strange to be in normal work attire this morning, with hair and makeup done, too. It was a nice change of pace to be in fitness mode all weekend!

But I digress. Back to me being stubborn. I am SO sore from this weekend and tried to ignore the fact that even getting into and out of my chair at work was painful today (as well as, ahem, sitting down to go to the bathroom LOL). My legs hurt, my shoulders hurt, my abs hurt, but most of all, my lower back is SO TIGHT. But in my mind today, I pushed it aside, because I’m stubborn and thought that ignoring it meant it would simply cease to exist. Again, notsomuch.

I’m always crowing about balance and living life to the fullest but here I am, trying my hardest to force myself to workout tonight even though my body was yelling “NO!” Thankfully, one of my fab friends Miranda used my words against me (I’m always telling her to ease up, and she’s actually started to listen, imagine!), and I’ve officially given myself a rest day. And, for once, I don’t feel guilty about it! (perhaps working out for a zillion hours this weekend has something to do that with that but whatever, I call it progress! ;))

So, here’s to taking my own advice. There truly is a time and a place for “rest” days and there is DEFINITELY room for balance in all of our lives.

I’m off to enjoy a “me” night while Scott’s off at his bowling league. Made myself a lovely dinner (salmon, sauteed spinach and yellow beans) and am thinking it might be time to use those bananas that are overripe (aka “banana-ry”) to make some lowfat banana muffins!


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