SO interesting

I am totally intrigued this morning. I did the STS workout that I skipped last night (thank you “rest” day, it worked wonderfully!) and noticed something. The push-ups that I typically dread because I still have a hard time keeping my core strong during the standard style (no knees!) push-ups, were noticeably easier to do. Not EASY but I could definitely keep my form through MOST of the sets of push-ups in the workout today.

Mind you, there were a TON in this session. I’m still in undulating rotation mode and was back to meso 1 which, as you may remember, is all about muscle endurance (lighter weights, more reps). So the chest/shoulders/biceps workout today included tons and tons of push-ups. The meso 2 and meso 3 cycles include hardly, if any, push-ups, as a comparison.

What intrigued me was that just a week ago, push-ups were not coming all that easily to me which was sorta frustrating since I’ve been doing STS for awhile now.  So now I’m wondering, was it all the Group Kick work that helped me along today? There was a TON of core work involved in all of the kicking, jabbing and undercuts, could it be that THIS will be the secret to getting the strong core I’ve always wanted but have NEVER gotten??

Hmmm. SO interesting, don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “SO interesting

  1. I think the kick boxing will teach you how to use your core the correct way, thus making it stronger and making those lovely push ups easier. 🙂

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