Nobody’s perfect

Not even me! I only make this point because, for those of you who know me, I’m not only stubborn, very much a Type-A personality and a clean freak (boy, I sound so appealing right now, don’t I??), but I’m also a bit of a perfectionist. I know, shocking, right?

I’m always striving for perfection.

At home – house must be clean. Is that a fur “tumbleweed” I spy in the corner, oh no! I am so set in my cleaning “routine” that when Scott’s around to take part in said cleaning routine, I drive him nuts because he’s not “doing it right” (sorry, sweetie!! thank you for trying!!)

At work – I admit, I can be a little bit on the controlling side and am always go, go, going. Sometimes that works in my favor, other times notsomuch. I’m working on it.

At the gym – As you all know, I have the hardest time giving myself a “rest” day mostly because I truly LOVE to workout and when it’s missing from my day, I really do feel a little off all day. But I know I need to give in to that rest more often. In the back of my head, it’s like a little voice whispering that if I skip a day or change a planned workout, that I’m not truly a fitness fiend or somehow I’m not “perfect.”  I know that’s crazy talk, but I did just tell you I heard a tiny voice in my head, didn’t I? 😉

In all seriousness, I’m not THAT crazy about being perfect, I do really try to strive for balance.

  • I will not give up some of my favorite foods just because they aren’t “nutritious” or “healthy.”
  • I will not give up my passion for a good glass of wine – because I love it and it makes me smile after a long week at work.
  • I will not work fifty-five million hours a week at work (if I can help it!) at the risk of disrupting the work/life balance I try so hard to maintain.
  • I will not (or try not) to sweat the small stuff, like an extra few bills around the holidays – its much more important to me to enjoy doing a little extra if it’ll make someone smile. For example, Scott and I always go all out for our annual Christmas Eve party, the best food, wine and desserts around. And plenty of it! Same rules apply for New Years’ Eve. It’s important to me, even if that means an extra Discover card payment in January. 🙂

So even though I am less willing to bend when it comes to my workouts, a clean house, etc., I do walk the walk – I talk about maintaining balance all the time on this blog, but I promise that I actually do try to DO that, too.

And, in case you’re wondering, the reason for this particular blog post today? I slept in a bit this morning rather than get up to do my STS back/tricep workout – we had our holiday party at work last night and it ended up being a late one. That extra hour was SO worth it but I did start to beat myself up over it until it struck me that nobody, NOBODY, is perfect. Missing a workout (especially since I’ll be working out tonight anyway – see below), isn’t the end of the world, seriously.


In other blog news, I’m off to Group Kick practice tonight, the first one since last weekend’s training chaos, and I’m a little bit nervous mixed with excitement to see if I do a little bit better technique-wise. We shall see! The other good news is that they’ve pushed the Group Kick launch off at my gym until Feb 6 to give us more time to prepare. Phew!

And finally, just got word that STS Shock Cardio is shipping today!! I should have it by next week, woohoo! The bad news is that I probably won’t even have time to start it until Group Kick launches, funny to say that I’ll be too busy working out to work out, ha!


2 thoughts on “Nobody’s perfect

  1. Ok, so we should be best friends or something! This is soooo me.

    I want my house to look perfect and everything to be in its place. We have doggy tumbleweeds all over the house. Three words: Swiffer Sweeper Vac! But I have also realized that it’s not worth stressing over if I am missing out on the better things in life by spending endless hours cleaning. I couldn’t agree more about not living to work. At work, I work hard. But once I leave, that’s it. I don’t think about it again. I do not have any guilt about taking time off either. Maybe I should? But I don’t.

    Balance is definitely key. And sometimes it’s really hard for me – especially with working out. But, like you, there are foods I refuse to give up, 6-pack abs be damned. I enjoy my wine as well. And I make no apologies. My husband and I go out to eat like you just a few times a year. It’s a treat and we go all out – appetizer, salad, main course, dessert, and wine. It’s a treat and we enjoy it fully.

    Cheers to you!

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