Beautiful blogger award – 7 random things

Since my blogger buddy, Heather, listed me as one of her “beautiful blog” friends, I couldn’t help but return the favor. Plus, a couple of my other friends and fellow bloggers did these recently and I’ve been remiss in doing one of my own! Since it’s a lazy Sunday night, I’m treating ya’ll to TWO posts in one day. I know, don’t get too excited. 😉

Ok, so here goes, first up, seven random things about me:

  1. I’ve never eaten a twinkie, nor do I have a desire to (um, if it ain’t chocolate, I don’t want it!)
  2. I can’t swim, despite living near the ocean for my entire life.
  3. I’m a triplet (this isn’t random if you know me, for those of you who don’t know me, this might be a neat little nugget)
  4. I absolutely cannot go to bed if the dishes aren’t done. Yup, even after a party (think NYE for a good example of this), I HAVE to tidy up or I literally will not be able to sleep. Drunk cleaning can be interesting, I tell ya.
  5. I have no desire to visit London, ever. For some reason, it does NOTHING for me. I just picture it dark, dreary, and well, boring.
  6. I’ve never seen “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “A Christmas Story” – this boggles my husband’s mind. But again, it just doesn’t interest me for some reason. Does that make me a Scrooge???
  7. I’m a total neat freak but freely and openly admit that I have ONE junk drawer and ONE junk cabinet (well, really its the tupperware cabinet but c’mon, who can keep those tidy, I mean really?!?)

How’s that for completely and utterly random??

And now for part II of this challenge – choosing my top 7 bloggers. This is a toughie but here goes:

  1. Heather, of course. We’re total kindred blogger spirits, I swear.
  2. Jolene, although yes, she’s my sister, her blogs always find a way to surprise and inspire me everyday.
  3. Jeannine, one of my absolute FAVORITE friends and a totally beautiful blogger; I’m rooting for you babe.
  4. Melissa, another one of my favorites, her blogs are equal parts hysterical, thoughtful and a wee bit cynical (in a good way, seriously). Worth a daily read.
  5. Jen, my other fab sister, her blog is all about her journey as a Ph.D. candidate with thoughtful insight into her life with her hubby and furbabies. Her latest post is my favorite so far.
  6. Jenna, merely because I want to BE her. She lives in Healdsburg where she’s a healthy living blogger and soon-to-be book author. Oh, and she works at a vineyard on the side. How awesome is that??
  7. Snarkbutt – my sister turned me onto his blog, he’s one of her blogging buddies and I’ve found I’m totally enthralled by his journey. His stuff is so insightful and totally entertaining to read too. Love it.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful blogger award – 7 random things

  1. Yeah, I’m glad you followed through with this! Ok, I’ve never seen “It’s a Wonderful Life” either and have no desire, but you do have to see “A Christmas Story.” That one really is a must! And I got that you were a twin, but didn’t realize you were a triplet! Totally cool.

  2. LOLLOL! I haven’t eaten a twinkie either, shocker, huh? 😉 Agree on London and drunk cleaning 😉 Funny, I’ve done that and in the morning wondered where leftover snackies went…usually cuz I’ve thrown them out disgusted by their sight and then wishing I didn’t in the morning haha! And thanks for the blog shoutout, you’re the bestest 🙂

  3. Thanks Jess for the shout out and I had to eat twinkies when I was in Grease… yick but sort of inspires nostaglia now! Drunk cleaning, ya I can see that!

    Josh bought me Christmas Story b/c he was annoyed I didn’t see it, its growing on me….
    Love you!

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