Ah, there’s the light!

So I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the Group Kick tunnel.  I feel SO much better and more optimistic after last night’s practice run. Even though I still have a ton to work on, this was the first time that I felt confident and that, in six weeks, I could totally be upfront teaching a class.

Here’s how it went down. Our fitness director wasn’t feeling well so she only stayed for the warm-up and to talk about what we’d be practicing on Saturday (note – must learn track six, “super box”). It actually ended up better that she left – she has this way of making us all feel a little bit more nervous than we should be/need to be to really do our best. I mean, gotta love her, but I could really use her constructive criticism when I’m feeling more established which I’m not quite feeling yet, but getting there.

So anyway, we ran through tracks 2-7 and what struck me was that, in the three weeks since training, we’ve all noticeably improved! I looked around the room and could sense we sort of all felt the same way,  high-fiving eachother at the end of each round. What was also fun? Standing in the front of the room on the platform with the mic and feeling empowered. I can SO do this!!!

<deep sigh of relief> I feel so much better now that I sense that there is a light shining at the end of the tunnel, that in six weeks, we’ll be ready to teach and we’ll be pretty darn good at it, too.

So next up to look forward to? In three weeks, our fitness director wants us to teach a practice class, with all of us in front teaching the tracks in unison with other instructors and club employees (no club members yet) as our “class.” How fun will that be?? I’m really hoping she’ll continue with the team-teaching theme after the launch too, I just think its such fun being up there with someone else (like my sister!) teaching each track together. I think it’ll bring such energy into the room.

With that said? I’m totally treating myself to a pair of pants from Lululemon that our Kick trainer, Natalie, wore that I fell in LOVE with. My sister bought them yesterday and now I must have a pair too. They are so cute and Jo even said she totally “felt the part” in those pants. They just “feel” more like Kick-wear than our typical workout uniform (yoga pants). Yay for treats on this CHILLY Wednesday in Boston!


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