2010 – it’s gonna be a good one

Well, it’s finally here. A new decade. And I seriously think this year is gonna be a good one. A really good one. I’m so grateful  for all I have been blessed with, especially recently.  And because of that, I am probably the happiest I’ve ever been.

Things that are leaving me with this “happiest I’ve ever been” feeling?

  • I have a really special relationship with my husband that has really grown by leaps and bounds this past year. I am so proud of how strong – and fun – we are as a team but also as individuals. I LOVE being his “wifey” and what that means – and I know he feels the same about being my husband. I can’t even begin to describe what it is that makes us US, we just work and I love that feeling. I am madly in love with him, about a million times more than on our wedding day, crazy in love. I know, total mushball over here, I’ll move on now. 😉
  • I feel surrounded by an incredible group of beautiful, fun, loving girls that are my second family. I love you all (and you KNOW who you are!)
  • Same goes for my two super-fab sisters – again, I think we are probably the closest we’ve ever been and I feel blessed to have that irreplaceable bond with them.
  • And I feel the strongest and fittest I’ve ever been – and hope to see that continue into 2010, especially given the Group Kick shenanigans and, of course, some of my resolutions which I’m about to dive into, below!

There are definitely way more things, aside from what I just listed, that have made me the happiest I’ve ever been but I’d run out of room if I listed them all here…you get the picture. 😉 It’s just so interesting when you think about it, being happy is seemingly a pretty basic human emotion and probably something we all sort of take for granted in life. But its something that has set the tone for my resolutions this year – life is too short to be unhappy, finding happiness in even the little things in life is so important and such fun to discover those “little things” you know?

So, before I continue rambling on and on, here are my 2010 resolutions (which are also sort of “goals” too…), in no particular order:

  • Focus on the little things in life and stop “can’t waiting” life away – and by that I mean enjoying every day for what it is: another day on this earth. Even if that day is largely spent at the office versus out enjoying the sunshine on a spring day, this resolution is about discovering little things in each day that make me smile. I tried to do this last year but didn’t truly succeed at it which is why its appearing on my list again this year. Plus – I think it’s something that’s always a work in-progress.
  • Become a Group Kick instructor with my own class – This is a pretty obvious one but I couldn’t leave it off the list. Even though I’m going through all of the training and practice to launch Kick at my gym, there is no guarantee I’ll actually get a class of my own. I have to prove that I’m marketable, that club members will find my classes motivating and entertaining and that I’m technically spot-on. I am kicking any doubts lingering in the back of my mind to the curb – in 2010, I WILL be a Group Kick instructor.
  • Stop the negative self-talk, for good – This is something I’ve battled a lot, especially this past year but 2010 is the year I will quit it, cold turkey. Even though last night’s festivities left me feeling bloated and jiggly this morning, after a good sweat-fest, I felt much better. I need to keep it in perspective that health and wellness are always going to be hard work and that nobody is perfect (even me, Ms. Type A).
  • And finally, I vow to not only run a 10k but also a half marathon next year – Yup, it’s official and in writing for all to see. Even though these are more a “goal” versus a resolution, it’s on the list for 2010. My sister, my husband and one of my fab friends Meg have already signed on to join me in this journey, any other takers??

Admittedly, the first resolution on this list is truly my new years’ resolution while the others are goals. But they’re all sort of interrelated and carry the same theme of happiness. It’s time to focus on the little things in each day that makes each of us smile, laugh, or giggle, and that leaves your heart feeling full and ALIVE.

To that end, I’m calling 2010 the year of LIVING. I’ll cheers to that! *clink*

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