Second day of the year, not too shabby

Today has been a good day, a great one, in fact – despite the snow that continues to fall outside, I feel pretty accomplished and the day isn’t even close to over! Second day of the year – pretty darn good in my book.

I’m just in a good, happy mood. I woke up to hit the 8am Group Ride class at my gym, snow didn’t hinder that today. Its ingrained in my brain – Saturday AM=8am spin, be there. 😉 After class, I went over to my sister’s for some breakfast before we set out to practice for our “official” Kick practice at 11:30 today. We both had a new track to learn so thought it was a good idea to get some cueing work out of the way before doing it in front of our fellow trainees. It seemed to pay off, the added practice, although I definitely fumbled through my new track once I had the mic on. BUT, our fitness director was there and totally helped coach me through it. She had me run through it a few times for the group and its so true, the more repetitions, the better. It just starts to come together the more you smooth out the bumps and get out of the jumbled feeling that is your brain on Group Kick. 😉 I can’t say I was great after those added run-throughs but I was better. And hey, that’s what its all about right? Baby steps, little improvements that all add up to major improvements over time.

So today’s added practice(s), coupled with the fact that I had my super-cute new Lululemon pant on that Natalie, our trainer, wore during our training weekend, made for a pretty solid practice all around. I felt pretty badass in those pants, totally felt the part – even our fitness director was jealous of these pants that my sister and I just HAD to have. It was worth the $100 bucks we “invested” in them in my book! And I’m pretty sure Jo would agree.

Going back to my resolutions, today was filled with some nice “little things” that have left me feeling pretty happy. I’m especially looking forward to a “date night in” with Scott when he gets home from work. His holiday work schedule has sort of stunk so I’m really looking forward to an “us” night – on the menu: filet mignon, wine, spinach salad and steamed broccoli. Oh, and wine, of course! Probably a cabernet sauvignon. Mmmm!

Side blogging note: SO excited to have made two new “blog friends” – In the Skinny and Eating Bender, SO glad to “meet” you!! I highly recommend a visit to both of their blogs, they’re great!


4 thoughts on “Second day of the year, not too shabby

  1. I want to see these pants!! I first heard about Lululemon through Oh She Glows and the workout stuff looks so amazing!

    I’m glad you had a good time at practice! You are making me want to pull out my old Kick DVDs.

    Thanks for the shout out! Have fun tonight.

    • Haha yes Lulu is the BEST! A wee bit on the pricey side but totally worth it. Really good quality, great fit, etc. The pants I’m talking about aren’t online or I’d send you a link! But they are sort of windpant material (nylon maybe?) with ruching up the side of each leg so they look feminine but still have that “kick” vibe to them, know what I mean? I’ll have to take a pic of myself in my kick gear so you see what I mean. 🙂 Do you still teach?

      • They sound really cute! I’ve taken a break from teaching…they aren’t any clubs near me that have the programs. Boo! I tried one close to work, but haven’t gotten a class and don’t sub too often.

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