Flipping that switch

A lot to catch up on – took a little blog hiatus the past couple of days spending some quality time with my hubby while he’s been on vaca. Disconnecting from the laptop was a smart move, though now I have so much to share! AND I totally failed to take a final “surprise dinner” pic for ya’ll. It was SO GOOD too. Thai lettuce wraps, complete with a spicy dipping sauce to boot! Scott even made a lemongrass simple syrup to add to the marinade for the flank steak. It was divine, I tell you! But alas, no picture to show it off. 😉

Anyway, today was a total “flip that switch” moment at Kick practice. This was the first practice in a week that our fitness director was present for and I could totally tell she was sweatin’ it, wondering if we’d made progress or not. After the first two tracks, she was SO excited to see how far we’d come since we last met with her. She was enthusiastic, excited, complimentary, jazzed. It made me – and my fellow Kick mates – feel so proud that we’d finally started to “flip that switch.”

And by that, I mean that things are finally coming together. Less thinking, more DOING. The choreography is getting easier and the technique is coming along so the cueing takes a little bit less thought than before. Sure, we still a lot of work to do to make sure we’re amping up our class during the particularly tough tracks (um, muay thai anyone??). But, it’s all starting to come together and it feels SO GOOD! Interestingly, this is just about the one month mark since we started Kick training, believe it or not. It feels like its been WAY longer for some reason, but I guess that’s a good sign right?? We have a few weeks to go until launch and this is the first time that I’m really feeling like we can all do this and we’ll be great.

The four practices this past week obviously helped us a great deal so we’re planning to do the same this week. In addition to today’s roughly 90 minute practice, we’re meeting on Tuesday night, Friday morning and Saturday mid-morning, probably for about an hour or so apiece, maybe longer on Saturday. I have to say, between all of these Kick practices, the STS undulating rotation, STS shock cardio, Ride classes and an occasional treadmill jaunt, I am getting my butt kicked, literally. I’m such an addict though, the more workouts I fit into a week, the more I want to do. I realize that I need to build in that rest time but I’m having so much fun that I don’t want to rest! Must build one in soon though, I know and I’m trying to, I promise!

Oh – and for In the Skinny, I finally took a picture of myself in my Kick gear so you can see those Lululemon pants I was talking about. They are so cute, I totally feel badass in them!! I forgot to put my hand wraps on in this picture (and it’s not even that good of a pic), but you get the idea. 😉


9 thoughts on “Flipping that switch

  1. Those pants look AMAZING! I have to check out this store in the ATL. I’m glad Kick is finally clicking – it’s crazy how all of the sudden it happens. I had to teach the muay thai track as my track during training. Ugh! But throwing those elbows really get a good triceps workout.

    • Aren’t they super-cute?? I totally had that muay thai track in training too, always the way, right? I’m excited that its finally coming together, I wasn’t so sure there for a little while!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog…I LOVE yours!!

    Ahhhh – Lulu pants. Major, major jealousy over here! We don’t have a Lulu store here (ummm, I live in Indy so don’t think we’ll get one) 🙂 but I would LOVE to try some on to see how they fit/feel. They are SO cute! Aren’t new workout clothes the absolute best? It gets me very excited to work out, kind of like downloading new music.

    • I’m so glad you stopped by!! I love your blog too 🙂

      So sad that no Lululemon stores are near you! Its addictive, I tell you. Although, I’ve found that Victorias Secret has GREAT workout gear, I have a ton from them too. It’s all about looking the part right? Might as well look fab while you’re sweating huh??

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