I heart Savory Oats!

Super-quick post today – busy day at work – but I HAD to send a shout-out to The Balanced Broad for turning me on to savory oats! I made them today for lunch and OMG, where have they been all my life??

It was exactly what I needed on yet another cold and snowy day in New England. I made mine with frozen mixed veggies, some edamame tossed in and some laughing cow cheese with a bit of reduced fat cheddar cheese on top. It was super creamy, super satisfying and just an all around PERFECT lunchtime meal option for me. I am happily satisfied and armed and ready to conquer the rest of the day. I highly recommend it. 🙂

On the workout front, I’m going to be immersed in Kick training and run-throughs this week. Fitness director reminded us that we have, um, 18 DAYS until the official launch at our gym. Gulp. No pressure, right? We practiced a bit this morning, are slated to practice tomorrow morning and again tomorrow night (calling that one a “dress rehearsal” to see how we look as if we were actually in front of a live class) and then again on Thursday night and Friday night. Wowza! I’m gonna need lots of extra snackies this week, I can already tell.

Anyway, hope ya’ll have a productive day and that you’re able to fit in a sweat-fest somewhere in the chaos. It does a body (and mind and spirit) good, right?? And seriously, try those savory oats!!


5 thoughts on “I heart Savory Oats!

  1. I think you should have a video of you teaching a track….I bet everyone would be so impressed!! You have been working so hard. 🙂

  2. Yay!! Thanks for the shout out – I’m SO glad you liked them!! I need to get some more cheese. I mean, I just need an excuse to eat more cheese in my life, clearly. 🙂

    And I second the request for a video…I would love to see you teach!

    • Of course, the shout-out was totally called for. Savory oats rock. 😉

      And um, I MAY be up for posting a video clip of one of the Group Kick classes, y’know, once I figure out how to be aggressive and all (see post today for more on that…)

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