MWFF Seeking her inner aggression

MWFF (married white fit female, ha!) seeking her inner aggression – yes, that would be me.

I don’t know what it is but I CANNOT channel the aggressive side of my personality for Kick no matter what I do. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to show my fellow Kick-ers and my fitness director that I can embody all that it is to be a Group Kick instructor.

Choreography – check.

Badass Kick gear – check (Lulu’s are hot, just need a bandanna to complete the get-up and I’ll be golden).

Technique – half check (getting there but still needs some work).

Cueing – half check (I can cue the moves but aggression, where are youuuuu?).

Ask anyone – I definitely have an aggressive side to my personality. Just cross me once or twice and you’ll see it (having no patience is probably a big factor there, oops). So why, oh why, can’t I channel that for a good purpose like Kick? I’m really hoping that now that the other pieces (above) are coming together, that the personality and aggression will come naturally. The problem? It’s just 17 days — yes, DAYS — until the launch. That “come naturally” piece better hurry up or I’ll be in trouble.

As I said before, failure is not an option for me. I go into challenges with both feet and don’t give up until I’ve succeeded. I’m definitely not giving up on Kick — we’ve all come so far, and it’s been an incredible experience. My husband totally made me blush on Sunday when I came home from GNI. He hadn’t seen me all day (and thus hadn’t seen my outfit) and for some reason, thought I looked especially fit and wasn’t afraid to tell me how “skinny minnie” I was (his words, not mine!). It was really sweet. But what was sweeter? That he said how proud he was of me. He reminded me that just six weeks (give or take) or so ago, I had never set foot in a Kick class before, let alone taught a group fitness class before in my life. Up until a year or so ago, I hadn’t taken any group fitness classes other than those done with Cathe in the privacy of my own home. When he put it all into perspective, coupled with all of the effort and practice put into Kick, I ‘spose it really is no small feat what we’ve managed to accomplish so far.

We’re almost there, it’s all the fine-tuning that needs to happen…and I’m trying to have that faith that it will happen…in 17 days or less. 😉

If ya’ll have any tips for how to find that aggression (even if I have to fake it until I make it), do tell!! And *maybe*, just *maybe* I’ll post a video clip of one of our classes for you all to see.  Just let me get through the launch first!


12 thoughts on “MWFF Seeking her inner aggression

  1. I swear we are so much alike. I too can be extremely aggressive when crossed, no one would know just looking at me though. Maybe you’re overthinking the need to be aggressive for the class? Then again, maybe not. Maybe you just need to go in super pissed off????? Think about traffic, think about the jerk who cut you off, or the lady who ran into you with her shopping cart???!!!

    I really think that once you get into a real teaching mode, you’re going to do just fine. Everything will fall into place.

    Your hubby sounds like a winner! It’s great to have such a strong support system.

    • Ha, too funny Heather. You’re right in that I think I may be overthinking a little bit but at the same time, I do need to find that aggression (good aggression, that is) to amp up the class and get them jabbing and kicking harder and with more ferocity, you know? It’s an intense class that can totally suck the energy right out of you so part of my job is to motivate and energize the class. If I’m just yelling out cues, they’ll get bored of me and that’s my biggest fear I think!!

      But I do think once I get in front of a class, I’ll naturally be amped up and it’ll show. I just want to have some pre-ready to go, too 😉

  2. Wow, only six weeks ago you hadn’t taken the class you are getting ready to teach? Now THAT is inspirational, girl! You are amazing!

    I’m single, so it’s easy for me to think of (jackass) exes and get angry. 😉 Since you have an AMAZING hubby, how about music? Music does wonders for my mood…I’m sure there is some heavy rock/rap music that would pump you up, maybe??

    • Nope! Never taken the class before in my life. Now, do you see the challenge here? 😉 I’ve been loving it though, I’m always up for a challenge even if it totally stresses me out sometimes!

      Speaking of music, I’ve been listening to the Kick music a LOT lately to really get it ingrained into my head so the muscle memory combined with the music will help me let go a bit more during class so I can show more personality (vs. showing my “thinking” face the whole time). 🙂

      And yes, I’m not gonna lie, I do have a pretty awesome hubby!!

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I am very familiar with this problem of yours; it’s hard to get cross on request. (that’s why I will never make a good actor:).
    My coach have exhausted all possible ways to make me angry when I throw a kick, in vain. He once even shouted at me (he’s such a nice guy anyway). for a second I almost believed that he was pissed, but then I realized it was just another attempt to make me aggressive (needless to say, it failed) So don’t force it, once you won’t focus on it, it will come naturally. You usually peform best when you’re not thinking too much, or simply are tired. (or at least this my experience with muay thai)

    • Awesome points, Zsofia! Thanks for stopping by allll the way from Hungary. 🙂

      I agree, I need to stop thinking about it and it WILL just come, I’m just not very patient! And yes, IntheSkinny – agree that Kick is definitely one of the harder BTS programs to learn. Geez, whose idea was it to start there?? Oh right, mine!!

  4. I think Kick is one of the hardest programs they have to go through…I would think Step would be next, but there really is so much more to Kick. It’s impressive that you’ve come this far!

    I think when you dress the part, you’ll feel the part. I think you’ve got that one down!

  5. So true sis – we WILL get this, but damn, it’s hard to pick up from scratch. The preview classes will help us put our game faces on. Or, I’ll just punch you hard in the arm before and you can get your best “dirty look” face going to carry you through 😉 We BOTH need patience pants on this one haha 😉

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