It’s time…

…to give it a rest. And, guilty as charged, I haven’t been fully practicing what I preach when it comes to balance. I’m going to admit something right now and I’m sure ya’ll are gonna think I’m nuts and are ready to scream at me for it, but here goes.

I haven’t taken a rest day at ALL this month. In fact, there have been quite a few days where there’s been not one, but two workouts completed.

I know, I know, that’s not very “balanced” now is it?

Here’s the deal: I honestly didn’t even realize it until I was in the workout manager adding my workout from yesterday and saw that the calendar was completely full for the month to date. I have been feeling a little bit on the “worn down” side at the end of the work week but I figured that had more to do with being uber busy at work plus all the Kick practice I’ve been juggling. And, it most definitely has factored into the equation. The no rest days though, I’ll admit, *probably* played a part in the “worn out” feeling.

I hate to admit it, too, because I really have loved every minute…even if its bordering on overtraining (if I’m not there already).  I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE working out. Honestly. As The Balance Broad put it in her comment from my post the other day, it too keeps me centered and SANE. It’s the one constant in my life day in and day out I can always count on…and it’s the one piece of my day, as I’ve said before, that’s ALL MINE.

So, looking at it that way, it’s especially hard for me to give up doing something that is just for me. But, I am going to give in to the need for a rest day on Saturday…my husband pretty much mandated it when I told him the no-rest factoid this morning before work. 😉 It actually works out well since he has the whole weekend off, we can sleep in a bit on Saturday without feeling “scheduled” in terms of fitting a workout into the equation. I think we’re going to do a little bit of shopping (outlet shopping here we come!) before our “date” that night.

The other good reason in terms of timing for this rest day is that tomorrow is going to be another double – but ONLY because we’re doing one more practice run of Kick in the morning before our first “staff-only” class tomorrow night. We want to feel super prepared to wow the staffers before we do the “sneak peek” class on Sunday with REAL people. So, taking Saturday to rest before Kicking it hard on Sunday is ideal timing if I do say so myself. Almost as if I planned it that way…kinda. 😉


9 thoughts on “It’s time…

      • It’s probably not smart for us to be trying to keep each other in check! My husband has given me mandated rest days before too. It’s sad when it comes down to that really. Kind of makes me want to workout that much more as in an “oh really?” kind of thing. I do hope you enjoy your day off. Sounds like it’s not only WAY over due, but it’ll be a fun day.

  1. I hadn’t heard of the workout manager – I’m gong to have to try this for February.

    Good for you for finally taking a rest day!

  2. Thanks for the link back! Oh my gosh….are we the same person?! Granted, I’m not doing NEARLY as much as you – but it’s just fun and my hobby…ya know? Why do some people find that odd? 😉

    I’m so glad you are taking a rest day! Your body will truly thank you. It’s HARD when you enjoy it to take a day off – it’s like someone telling me to take a day off from eating peanut butter (nuh uh!). But I know in the end, our bodies need that rest time.

    Enjoy your time with your hubs – you deserve some relaxation time. 🙂

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