We ‘kicked some’

Rock on! Just catching my breath after today’s “preview” class for club employees only and we totally rocked it! I mean, there are definitely kinks to work out still but, all in all, it was a GREAT class! I am still riding such a high!! I totally feel like I can do this now. Even though there were only a handful (ok, three) non-Kick instructors in the room, it was awesome!! Sunday is the real test of “can we do this” but after tonight, I am confident that we can totally ROCK it out on Sunday too.

The big thing for me was nailing my track, getting every cue down and keeping everyone pumped since I’m right at the beginning of the class. I *think* I accomplished that and was so surprised at how much “easier” it felt once I stopped thinking and starting doing. Seeing unfamiliar faces in the room, looks of “ok, what’s next” made me cue even tighter. Watching their faces as they recognized the next move to come was so cool! And kinda funny too, they’ll really do ANYTHING you’ll tell them to do. We were joking after that we could’ve picked our nose and they’d have followed suit (I know, so gross right? LOL).

Anyway, I’m clearly slap-happy over here so I’ll keep it short. I just had to fill ya’ll in because I’m SO EXCITED that this next step towards being a “real” instructor went so well. High five to my sis who did pretty fab too. Can’t wait to “kick some” more on Sunday…not gonna lie, though, REALLY looking forward to the big rest day tomorrow. I’m pooped!


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