We did it!!!! We finally launched Group Kick at our gym, and it was as amazing as I’d hoped it would be.

Somehow, despite this morning’s launch experience, it still hasn’t quite hit me.

We did this.

Wait…we are DOING this.

Just 8 weeks ago this was just a seed of an idea in our minds, we both were intrigued when we first heard they were looking for potential Kick instructors at our gym. But, it was just that, a seed of an idea. Who knew that we’d end up in this awesome, crazy, intense, scary and challenging journey and that we’d jump in feet first? I guess I just always thought it’d be something I’d want to do but would never actually DO it.

So, for that alone, I’m very proud that we DID take that initial plunge despite being super-nervous and afraid of the unknown challenge ahead. Secretly, I worried that I’d fail – not at learning the moves and the technique, but that I’d fail to be the instructor I envisioned in my mind that I could be. I’ve always loved working out, but to convey that passion to others? Well, now that’s just another story altogether. And granted, I KNOW I still have a long way to go in terms of truly being the instructor that I want to be but I’ll save that worry for another day. For now, I’m relishing in today’s accomplishment – the big, bad LAUNCH.

The energy in the room today equaled Thursday night’s sneak peek class but THANKFULLY it wasn’t nearly as hot in there as the last class and we limited how many were able to take the class so the room was a wee bit less cramped than before. Plus, our fitness director had us all standing up front, two on the stage, and the rest on either side. It looked pretty badass, not gonna lie. Especially when we were all in sync, which was most of the time from what I could tell. πŸ˜‰

What was even better for me this time around? I took a moment to look around the room during the workout, and was so pleased to see those sweaty faces working so hard to keep up with us. They were clearly stunned by the intensity – I think a few even left the class early (!) – and were totally impressed by the heart-pumping cardio workout they’d all received. At the end of the class, while mulling around talking to the other gym members, it was awesome to hear their positive feedback! They were so excited, they loved it, they thought it was awesome, etc.

THAT to me was a total home-run moment. This is how I want to convey my passion for fitness with my students – I want them to leave NOTHING on that kickboxing floor at the end of the class. I want them to feel as spent (if not more spent) than I do at the end of the workout and I want them to give it their all. That’s my goal. Give me all you have, leave nothing behind.

Speaking of spent, I’m pooped! We went out for a celebratory lunch and drinks after class with a few of the instructors where I had me some lovely sangria and a salad with grilled shrimp. I’m trying to muster up the energy to do a few errands before heading to a celebratory dinner at my mom’s which I’ve been looking forward to ALL WEEK. Her boyfriend makes these amazing burgers – we call them MARKBURGERS, aptly named after him, of course – he literally grinds his own hamburger meat out of steaks. Um, YUM?! They are seriously the best burger you’ll ever eat. And I plan to eat every last bite. Yum.

(Note – you can click on the pics in this gallery for a caption, I’m testing out the “Picture Gallery” setting in WordPress, hoping it works out ok!)


10 thoughts on “LAUNCHED!

  1. Woo! We did it and we look cute too πŸ™‚ I’m starving – can’t wait for markburgers!!!!! GO US!!!! I am so freaking proud of us and so glad we can share this together, it’s amazing.

    • Thank you so much! I know, I suppose I sort of should’ve considered becoming an instructor sooner huh? My sis and I were talking today about how fun it would be to teach another class, possibly a weight lifting class like Power or something. We’ll see…not getting ahead of myself, yet. πŸ˜‰

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  3. Wahooooo! That is awesome – and you two look cute to boot in your workout gear!!

    Glad to hear all went well. Just think of all those people you inspired and whose day you made. I LOVE the feeling of leaving sweaty after a great class – and think about all of those who left your class sweaty and in wonderful moods! (hahaha sounds weird, but you know what I’m saying!).

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