It’s time for change

So I went to Group Power this morning which I haven’t been to in quite awhile (probably 2 months or so? gee I wonder why?!). I’ve been faithfully doing the STS undulating rotation lately for my weight training regime but thought this week would be a good one to get back into Power. Plus, part of me wants to be even more visible at the gym, in addition to the Kick classes, just so folks get used to seeing my face around more and more often. Couldn’t hurt, right?

Boy, was I totally surprised by how much I struggled during class this morning. Granted, I was working off less-than-optimal sleep after staying up to watch the Superbowl, but still, I was burning and struggling through every repetition, no matter what body part we were working. I was, quite honestly, pretty stunned by it. I mean, I’ve noticed some good strength gains from all the STS work so I thought Power would be a good challenge but not a struggle, but I totally felt myself struggling. What the?!

After class, I was mulling it over with my sis on the walk out to our cars and I think I’ve figured it out, well two things, really. First – I think I may be getting a little bit lax at home when weight training. I’m working pretty hard during those STS workouts but I think I’ve gotten into a bit of a “routine” and I’m not pushing myself as hard as I would if I were at the gym in front of others. Second – I think my body is no longer “shocked” by STS since I’ve been doing it for over a year. The whole point of STS is that it’s a shock to the system but if I’m no longer feeling “shocked,”ย  I’m thinking it’s time for a change (sadly since I LOVE STS so much!).

I”m thinking I’ll continue with Power 2-3x a week if I can fit it in, in between cardio (Kick – duh; Ride and the good ‘ol treadmill which I must return to if I’m ever going to run a half marathon this fall, per my resolution!).ย  I can definitely use all the strength gains I can get to power me through those Kick workouts – especially all the lunges and squats in track 3 and 5.

So that’s my goal for the next couple of weeks, I’m hoping for a good return to that “shocked” feeling, you know? I think my body misses it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In other news – my sis and I are scheduled to teach two classes together this week – one on Thursday morning and the other on Saturday morning. Thursday there will be three of us teaching and Saturday there will be four of us, it should be fun! Next week I think we’ll drop to two instructors per class. All sounds well and good right? Well – now I need to scramble to get used to cuing all the other tracks I’ve not been focusing on while prepping for launch and the tracks I needed to nail for that. Guess what I’m doing tonight after cooking some dinner for my sis and I? You got it, cue cue cue!


6 thoughts on “It’s time for change

  1. I think you’re probably right about needing a change in your routine. STS is awesome, but you can fall into a pattern with it just like with any weight rotation. I have really been enjoying changing up my rotations every 6-8 weeks. The first week of a new one always feels like WTH?! to me too. Also, with STS it’s almost all building muscle and strength so you may want to do some more endurance and really shake it all up again.

    It’ll be good for you to become a familiar face at the gym too – I totally agree with you there.

  2. I definitely think mixing things up is crucial. For years I ran and I ran and I ran, till my body wouldn’t let me run anymore! But now that I’m not running and doing different things, my body actually responds to those things better than even when I was running 35 miles a week. It sounds like you have the perfect plan!!

  3. Girl, I think you look pretty strong and clearly you have good endurance! But, I totally understand wanting to switch things up. I often think that I should try working out in the mornings- my gym has boot camp classes in the morning, which would be a great way to start the day!

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