Confidence and embracing inner peace

I was totally floored by a video clip I saw over at Tales of a (Recovering) Disordered Eater yesterday which is inspiring today’s post.  Check out the clip here:

It’s a video called “Embrace Your Flawz” which was created in an effort to highlight men and women showing off their natural beauty. I was transfixed by it, loved the message it sends – no matter what size our noses, or ears, or the length of our legs or our eyelashes, or the size pants we wear, we are all beautiful, flaws and all. It’s about confidence and embracing that inner peace that you are who you are and should never apologize for it.

With that, I thought we could play a little game on a soon-to-be-snowy New England day. Pick out a flaw and embrace it. Own it.

I’ll start.

For one – I have a slightly crooked nose that I used to hate – it happened when my sisters and I were little and one of them bopped me on the nose, leaving me a little crooked ever since. Sure, I could get it fixed but you know what I do actually like about it? It gives me character AND it’s something neither of my sisters has – whoa, I have something they don’t?? No way. 😉

Here’s another – I’m super-short (5’3″ at most) and always complain that I have stubby legs (“just call me ‘Stubbs'”) and if I had just one more inch on those suckers, I’d be happier. Well, yeah, longer legs would be fab (not gonna lie) but, as one of my favorites reminded me during a body image bashing session we shared over IM a few months ago, my legs are strong and lean, they get me from point A to B and, most recently, they help me kick, punch and jab my Kick classes right out the door.

Sort of empowering when you write it down, no?

With that, I’m off to channel that confidence later today for some additional practice before Kick tomorrow at 6am (darn snow better not screw up the class schedule!). I went to Group Power at the crack of dawn this morning – *yawn*, 5:15 is a wee bit early, even for me! – and then stuck around with my sis and one of the other Kick instructors to run through some of the tracks. I definitely need to work on the two new ones I’ll be teaching tomorrow and the fourth new one I’ll need to nail on Saturday.

Happy hump day – and if its snowing in your neck of the woods, hunker down and pray for spring. 😉


12 thoughts on “Confidence and embracing inner peace

  1. Without those legs, short or long, you wouldn’t be able to KICK some butt! I am short too (5’2″) and very petite. I used to hate being so little b/c everyone thought I was so much younger (now I dig that) and clothes don’t ever fit well. Still hate the clothes not fitting part, but really like my size now (even being flat chested has it perks, who knew)! The one thing that I have a very hard time embracing about myself is my full cheeks and my nose. Oh, and I had a dentist pull 8 (yes 8) baby teeth as a child, after doing so, it really messed up my mouth for when adult teeth tried coming in. Years of orthodontics of course, but now when I smile I just think it looks overly gummy and toothy. HATE that. So, guess I need to work on liking full cheeks, not so cute nose, and toothy smile. Hmmm, won’t like, gonna be hard!

  2. loved that video! i wish i knew how to post stuff like that on my blog! i did a post about a year ago like this after some women i were with started bashing their bodies. I cringe everytime i hear that just because i remember the feelings i felt whenever i did it. I am short(a whopping 60 inches…so I would make you seem tall;)) and have a stout body. I also use to try to get my thighs to ‘thin’ out but now I love them. They are what helps me chase my children, move with ease, run, squat heavy weight….they are me.

  3. What a great video! I think that our flaws (differences?) are what make us unique. You have great legs- they’re lean, muscular, and take you through a lot of tough workouts!

    My yoga instructor tonight kept calling me “long legs Laura” b/c my hips & hamstrings are always so tight… 5 or 10 years ago, I would have been embarassed about my long legs, but now, I feel proud. 🙂

  4. I think that is truly one of the best things about getting older…accepting our flaws. Even sometimes seeing them as positives!

    Growing up I was SO self-conscious b/c I had (have) a bigger bootie. My sister made fun of me in 3rd grade for it – I still remember the exact moment! But you know, I’ve grown to accept it and not mind it so much. I spent most of my life hating it, but now I actually…like it? Never thought I’d say that.

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