I heart endorphins

Endorphins, there’s really no better Rx for a mood-boost than that. Well, except for a pretty awesome husband who always seems to know just what will do the trick to snap me out of a funk. Cute story before I dive into the endorphin convo…

I had a pretty bad day yesterday, for numerous reasons that I won’t go into here.  I was in a real funk when I finally left work around 6 last night so I’m sure Scott was bracing for the worst (he’s taking a few days off from work, he’s actually STILL got vaca time to take before their fiscal ends, imagine that!). So picture this.

Scott greets me at the door with a huge grin on his face (he has an awesome smile, gets me every time!). I walk in the door and he’s got “The Hangover” all cued up on the DVD player, music playing in the background (“I wanna party”, I think was on),  the TV trays were up with a glass of wine on each tray, and there was pizza cooking in the oven.

The significance behind this? This used to be our FAVORITE date night-in routine when we first got married. We still do it now and then but it’s been awhile. Needless to say, my funk disappeared immediately and we had a great night. He’s pretty awesome. 🙂

So, after that, I felt so much better (obviously) and was ready for Kick this morning at 6am. The class ended up being great, there were fifteen people in class which was WAY better than previous early-AM Kick classes and I was proud that we managed to keep them motivated at such an early hour. We got tons of great feedback, almost everyone stopped us on the way out of the class to thank us for a great workout and to comment on how much improvement they’ve seen in themselves and in us, too. It felt pretty good, and like a nice little accomplishment and made yesterday’s practice feel extra worthwhile.

Aside from that, the endorphin rush I got from today’s class started my day off on the exact right footing which is just what I need for a very busy day on the work front today. There seriously is no better way to get that “rush” than from a good endorphin-infused workout, it does a body good (I’m envisioning the “Milk, It does a body good” commercials as I type this).

The only slight downer (and I know, I shouldn’t take it personally), is that “Kimmie” changed the schedule for Saturday so I’m no longer teach Kick this coming weekend. She mentioned she was going to switch things up a bit this week and made some adjustments to the schedule earlier in the week but it didn’t impact me until this most recent change. I am pretty sure it’s mostly due to getting everyone a chance to teach in front of the largest class setting we have (Saturday has been the biggest draw so far), but part of me has this paranoia that she cut me from the schedule because I’m not doing well. I know that’s probably irrational, but can you blame me?? Or am I really being silly at this point?


7 thoughts on “I heart endorphins

  1. Aww, that is so cute that he had that all set up for you. The Hangover is so funny!

    Try not to read too much into not being on the schedule. I am sure you are doing an awesome job and they just want other people to have their chance. I know I would feel the same though, I always want to be perfect and think when things like that happens it means I’m not doing a good job.

  2. What a great date night!

    After yoga last night, I stopped to thank my instructor (I always say thank you, but I don’t really elaborate and voice my appreciation enough) for driving out of her way to teach our class. Now that I know what being an instructor is like (thanks to your blog), I’ve realized that it’s important to praise my instructors. 🙂

  3. Okay, how sweet is your husband?! I don’t know too many hubbies that would do that – you are one lucky girl! But I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that. 🙂

    I would say you’re being silly, but I also know I would feel the same way. (Sensitive Sally, right here!) If it happens again, maybe you could bring it up? But I’m sure it’s just a part of getting everyone to teach. Hopefully you’ll be back soon!

    • I know, I count myself as one lucky woman, that’s for sure!
      Love that you’re a Sensitive Sally too, at least I know I’m not the only one!! But you’re right, I’m sure it’s not what I fear, its just her switching up the schedule, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway 😉

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