Totally geeking out…

…yes, I said “geeking out.”

On a whim, I submitted my STS results to after seeing their call for entries on the Cathe Forums a couple of weeks ago. Afterwards, I didn’t think much about it and sort of thought it’d be a long-shot that my personal results and testimonial would be posted to their website.

Well, I was totally wrong. They DID post my STS results, AND my sister’s too! And the best part? We’re the only two STS testimonials on their STS Results page at the moment which is just awesome!

Just for kicks, here’s a snippet from my STS results submission – it’s a lot of what I talk about on this blog, about how strong and empowering a weight training program like STS can be, as well as a little bit about how it gave me the confidence to take the plunge with Kick:

When I started the STS program a year (or so) ago, I was not one to weigh myself, take tons of measurements and take before/after photos. While I was hoping for results, I wanted to feel them versus document them, if that makes sense. I wanted to experience all that STS could be, but not focus on checking off the box of “well, I lost an inch on my thigh” this week or “look at that, a couple of pounds lost on the scale.” And by taking this approach to STS, I have not only experienced the physical results that STS is bound to provide, but it’s worked wonders for me, mentally.

I feel strong, I feel empowered, I feel confident. I owe a lot of that to STS (and Cathe, of course!). When I kicked off the STS program, I was hoping for visual “proof” of my hard work and I think I succeeded there. I’m stronger and more muscular and that is empowering in and of itself. But what STS also did was helped me to kick my workouts up a notch or two or three which has improved my overall health and fitness immensely. As for confidence? I give a ton of credit to STS for giving me the physical and mental strength needed to fulfill a lifelong goal of mine. To teach a fitness class of my own.

Equally awesome to my “geek out” moment last night? I posted this to my Facebook page and Cathe actually commented on it! It, in all honesty, made my WEEK (which you know, was not the best of weeks for me), here’s what she said:

Cathe Friedrich

🙂 …I have no doubt you will be an awesome kickboxing instructor too!!!!
So now that I’ve fully admitted to my geekdom to all of you here, you must think I’m totally nuts. Or did you think that already?! Hmm. 😉
On a side note, I managed to have an AWESOME run this morning on the big, bad treadmill. I don’t know what got into me (maybe the Kick tunes on the iPod) but it was one of those runs where I could’ve just kept going and going and going. It was awesome! Managed to run a little over 5 miles in 47 mins (give or take). Yippee! I better get on it, that half marathon is inching closer and closer…eek!

8 thoughts on “Totally geeking out…

    • Thanks ladies! I heart Cathe 🙂
      And Mary Kate – if you EVER have a chance to get STS, I obviously highly recommend it and think it’s totally worth the investment upfront! As I type this, my husband is STS-ing away upstairs in our gym, so we’re getting plenty of use out of it!

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