SF bound, ready or not

Well, I’m a scrambling fool today but couldn’t help but post a quick blog before taking off for SF later today for work.

I actually managed a VERY lazy Sunday yesterday with Scott which was just what the doctor ordered. We didn’t work out (I wanted to but my body was telling me no, no, no!), we slept in, made homemade pasta sauce, watched movies, played monopoly and randomly baked a cake with homemade frosting. Most definitely not on the regular menu for me but it was sooo delicious, it was worth every sugary calorie. πŸ™‚

And now, I’m scrambling to finish up a few things on the work front before logging off for the airport this afternoon. I’m struggling to get my game face on a bit and I think it’s because my routine will be so “off” for the next three days. I’m not very good at rolling with the punches but traveling for work really leaves me with no choice but to roll. I’m trying to find a semblance of normalcy by planning on morning workouts still (hoping for at least two morning runs with a friend while I’m there and to try out Cathe’s Travel Fit DVD while I’m away too). I think I’ll miss Kick the most out of my workout structure, especially since I have to come back and teach on Saturday. Eek. I did bring my Kick DVD in case I have time to practice (though, I tend to doubt it).

I’m also fully admitted to being a total wuss about leaving Scott for even just a few days. I’ve found I’m in the minority for the most part here – many of my friends actually welcome the time apart from their boyfriend/husband, etc. But for me? It makes me sad to be apart, he’s my other half, afterall! But, it’s only a few days so I think I can suck it up, right? It’ll make my return on Thursday that much sweeter and will definitely give me something to look forward to!

What I’m probably most excited about is the blogger meet-up I have planned with Naomi over at iNaomi for tomorrow midday! I am psyched to meet a fellow blogger that shares my passion for fitness, and has a similar line of work as I do. Kinda cool! I’ll do my best to report back after our meet-up but I have a feeling blogging will be kind of light for me in the next few days. Apologies in advance!


9 thoughts on “SF bound, ready or not

  1. Enjoy your blogger meet up at least! I feel the same way about traveling. It stresses me out being off my routine. I also don’t like to leave Jason so you’re not alone there. Your rest day sounds fabulous. Glad you took full advantage!

    • Thanks Professor πŸ˜‰ I’m safe and sound, though just the thought of homemade frosting is my making my tummy growl. I’m all thrown off being on pacific time, it’s lunchtime at home but here it’s still breakfast??

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