Letting go of…schedules?

By now, you all know just how Type-A, routine-oriented, highly-scheduled I tend to be. (wow, typing up that explanation really makes me sound pretty, um, un-fun huh??).

So anyway, I’ve been trying very hard to enjoy this “thinking differently” mantra I’ve started to embody in recent weeks. My sister is in a similar mode at the moment too – trying to let go of that routine or “schedule” sometimes, and realizing that the world will NOT end if things don’t go according to plan.

My highly scheduled, routine-oriented self was put to the test yesterday. Scott and I were hosting a family cookout at our place for my aunt and cousin who were in town for the weekend, as I mentioned on Friday. We went to my friend’s play that night (which was awesome, btw) and didn’t get home until late which meant no “prep” for Saturday was done that night, obviously. We set the alarm clock for 8am so we could knock out a long run (was aiming for 6 miles) before getting all the prep work done for the food (including picking up the steak tips we planned to grill), finishing up some last minute cleaning, etc. I LOVE to host cookouts and parties and strive to make each get-together as fun and as filled with good food and drinks as possible. So, given my type-A tendencies, I always like to leave plenty of time to prep, get all the food ready to go so I’m not busy in the kitchen the whole time my guests are over. What fun would that be, right? So, I’m sure you can see where this is going, here, huh?

Well, let’s just say Scott had other “plans” for us first thing on Saturday (sorry trying to avoid a TMI moment here LOL!). By the time we got out of bed, my “schedule” was all thrown off. And for some reason I was REALLY tired still, like my body was just yelling at me to slow down. My head, however, was spinning a mile a minute. Just to give you an idea for how crazy I can be about schedules, I literally had my morning planned out in my head as follows:

8:00 – wake-up

8:15-9:15- run 6 miles with Scott

9:15-10:00 – eat breakfast

10:00-11:00 – prep the salad, roasted potatoes, veggies and dip, cheese and crackers, etc. while Scott runs out to get the steak tips

11:00-12:00 – shower and get dressed

12:00-1:00 – Get the table and chairs out from the basement for their return appearance on the deck, get the table set, etc.

1:00-on – let the party begin

Well, it didn’t quite happen that way. And of course, Scott knew my brain was working a mile a minute so he was pretty proud of me when we decided it was probably smarter to nix the run to get everything else done. I ended up going with him to the butcher near our house (a new one we wanted to try) which was fun and even better than splitting up to get things done for the party. We don’t get a lot of time together on weekend lately so we do make a point not to be apart if we don’t have to the rare times we do have a Saturday together (insert “awwww” here). So, it ended up being such fun going to the butcher with Scott – he LOVED it, it was like meat heaven to him which was just hysterical to watch. Like a kid in a candy store. 😉

We told eachother that once the party was over, we’d get that run in since it was just SUCH a gorgeous day yesterday. But, after all was said and done, we were pooped. But because Scott is such a trooper when it comes to my, ahem, “quirks,” he agreed to go change to hit the road for our long-awaited run. We set out on our usual course and less than a half mile in, we stopped, laughed at eachother and ended up going for a nice walk, hand-in-hand, instead. It was perfect.

Now, not gonna lie (and Heather can fully attest to this!), I did have an “ack, two rest days this week??” moment where I started to feel badly for not sucking it up and getting the run done. But, after taking stock of the day and remembering those little “moments” Scott and I shared in lieu of our run, it was so worth it. Just what we needed, actually.

And now, just like Heather said to me last night, I managed to get an amazing workout in this morning (Ride which was killer today and after that, I popped an STS workout in, just for kicks) and it feels great. And, guess what? The world did not end. I did not magically gain 5 lbs overnight because I rested two days vs. one last week. Instead, I’m sitting here reflecting on an awesome day with my family and, especially, with Scott.

So, long story short? Sometimes it IS ok to let go of that schedule. I think I need to do it more often, actually. Hmm, something to think about. 😉

11 thoughts on “Letting go of…schedules?

  1. Why does letting go of “the schedule” so difficult? I do the same thing and it totally takes the fun & spontaneity out of things! I’m glad you had a day with no schedule, not to be confused with a day of rest. 🙂

  2. Sounds like that extra rest day was much needed on so many levels. Good for you for just going with it and making the best of it. Sometimes things happen for good reasons right?! Oh and I love your mental schedule. Sounds EXACTLY like me. I plan down to the exact minute. But, how much do we miss out on by doing that????

  3. I definitely, DEFinitely am trying to work on this!

    I think when work out plans really start to interfere with my personal relationships, that is a huge red flag for me. I will never get that time back with a loved one, but one workout? That can wait – like you said, you aren’t going to magically gain 5 lbs. overnight because of it! I’m glad you were okay with a rest day – and got some QT with the hubs in the mean time. 🙂

    For me it helps to get back on the horse the next day. The gym (or running, or whatever) will still be there!

    • Holly – so true. Your comment really got my attention – my workouts sometimes DO get in the way of my personal relationships and that is just NOT good or healthy at all. It’s time to bring the balance back into my life, I think. I try so hard to be balanced and healthy and live a good, happy life but sometimes I swing too far to the left on the workout scale and need to reign myself back in. Hence today’s post. Thank you for hearing me out!!

  4. The blog world is definitely very “type A”, huh? I like to think of myself as right inbetween A & B. My husband would probably like it if I was a bit more organized and scheduled more often 🙂 Glad you and Scott decided to enjoy a nice walk!

  5. AWESOME! I am just like you and that is exactly how my mind thinks. My husband loves it when I actually blow off a run to get more important things done. Sometimes the run can literally run our lives!

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