Journey vs. destination

Yet again, Joel Osteen is the inspiration behind today’s blog post. I watched it the other night with Scott as  a way to get into the right mindset for the week ahead and, as usual, Joel did not disappoint.

His message? Simply – life is truly a journey and not a destination.

Seems sort of a no-brainer and sort of a cliche phrase right?

Hear me out for a sec.

His point was that yes, there are always going to be those “highs” in life – the “superbowl” moments we invariably look forward to. From vacations and weekend getaways to life events like college graduation and marriage to  career highs like promotions or job changes. And it’s ok, of course, to look forward to these big moments and enjoy them for what they are.

But, so often, especially as Americans who are innately fast-paced, always on the go, always connected, and so very scheduled, that we forget to take a step back and just breathe. So many of us follow our daily path, our daily routines and don’t stop to zig and zag away from the straight and narrow.  It’s that insistence on checking off to-do’s and maintaining a strict schedule that causes all of us to miss out on so much of life, not the big “superbowl” moments but the quiet moments:

…that first moment when I wake up in the morning and see my best friend sleeping peacefully next to me, holding hands just the way we fell asleep the night before, and my two cats  who hear the rustling, “meow’ their way over to the bed to say “hi mom”

…the way the breeze feels as it rushes through my hair on the first true springtime run of the season.

…the crickets at night peeping away outside the window that lull me peacefully to sleep.

…the rush of adrenaline after an intense workout that leaves me drenched with sweat, beet red-faced and proud that I got ‘er done.

…the giggles, the food and the wine that abound during girls night and happen far too infrequently but are definitely worth the wait.

It’s these moments that are so often passed by because we’re so focused on the “superbowl” highlights and less attuned to the everyday highlights like the examples I just listed above. It’s truly all about the journey and not the destination – those “destinations” are few and far between, its the journey, our windy, zig-zaggy path in life that we so often ignore for the straight-ahead route instead.

I’ve obviously been thinking a lot about this lately (call it my “wise old age” now that I’m 30, ha!) and Joel’s message really stuck with me. Similar to my last post on “blooming right where you’re planted,” I’m taking the journey vs. destination message and sticky-noting it (yes, that *is* a word!) to myself as a constant reminder.

With that said, I don’t know about you but I’m ready to soak in all sorts of “moments” this weekend, starting with a sunshine-y Friday morning that will surely jolt me with energy this afternoon (which I’ll need if I’m going to “make up” for the fact that I stayed in bed this morning – see the first “moment” above, that was this morning – it’s random STS workout time tonight before wine and chicken kabob salads with my sis, woo!).