Another one (6.2) bites the dust

Another 6.2 miler in the books! Today was an AWESOME day for a run – gorgeous, sunny skies, and 70s here in Boston today, just ripe for a longer run before celebrating Easter – and lots of eating – with the fam.

My one complaint after today’s outing? My heel, right near the back of my ankle, hurts. But not when I have sneakers or heels on, just when I have either flip-flops on or barefeet. Weird, no? Not really sure what’s up there but I’m happy to ignore it for now. 😉

As for the run itself – it was good, long, but good and I felt accomplished when we crossed the “finish” line. BUT I still, for the life of me, can’t quite fathom how I’ll ever run 13.1 miles in a few months. It still feels rather foreign and sort of insurmountable in a way. I mean, I know I’ll get there but seriously, that’s a LONG time to run! Ack! Although, as I was mulling this over on the ride back from brunch with my sisters, mom and grandparents, I thought about it this way. Thinking back to December when the Kick journey all began, I had plenty of “I’ll never be able to…” moments. From the “I’ll never be able to learn all this choregraphy” to “How will I ever project enough so my students can hear me cue?” or the best “I’ll never be able to teach all ten tracks on my own, I’ll die!”

Yet, here I am. All of those “I’ll never be able to…” moments have come and gone and I’ve knocked them down, one by one. So, in theory, the half marathon goal for September should totally be doable, right? 🙂

In other news, the salmon cakes at girls night were a big hit! I’m so glad I gave them a whirl – they were super-easy to make and VERY tasty. And, as always, girls night was a blast. Here are a couple of pics from the night – it was one of the best girls nights we’ve had in awhile. God, I love my girls, they are the best friends ever, not gonna lie. 😉

Salmon cakes with homemade tarter sauce – pretty fancy right??

The rest of the spread – caprese salad, shrimp and veggie spring rolls, veggies and dip, taboule. Very spring-y!

And now, I’m sitting on the deck enjoying a lovely glass of wine with the hubs before we’re off to watch the first Red Sox game of the season at his best friend’s house nearby (his house is actually the halfway point for our 6.2 mile route!). GO SOX!!


10 thoughts on “Another one (6.2) bites the dust

  1. Awesome job girl. Sounds like it was just a 6.2 mile kind of day! As for your heel: plantar faciitis is what it sounds like to me. You can do a search on it, but 10 bucks that is what it is. I have major issues with it too, primarily in my left foot. It gets worse when I “cross-train” as in run one day, step the next. Step hurts it much worse.

    Enjoy that wine and deck time, it’s well deserved!

    • Hmm I really don’t want to put a label on this weird pain because then it’s real, HA! For now, my husband will just tease me and a call me a “Sally” and I’m fine with that. 😉

  2. You’re right, we have had a lot of “I’ll never be able to…” moments, and here you (and we!) are. It’s great, isn’t it? I was thinking that as we learn the new Kick release, it WILL feel easier and we WILL have another “holy shit” moment when it comes just a wee bit more naturally…hoping the same holds true for that there uh, half marathon we’re going to do 😉

  3. Sounds like a great 6.2! I’m having similar heel pain and am guessing it’s plantar faciitis. Mine isn’t horrible… yet. Will keep you posted if I get it looked at to help confirm your case!

  4. I have something weird going on with my heel too!! It’s worse when I wear flip flops too… I’m just ignoring mine too and hoping it goes away… :-/

    Your salmon cakes looks great!! Mmmmm, homemade tarter sauce, yum!!

    • Em/Alicia – this foot thing seems to be going around, eh? So weird – its ONLY when I’m flat-footed that it hurts, and its mostly like the side of my ankle more than my heel, kinda in between. Hard to describe really. Hmph.

  5. I hope your heel feels better soon… I can’t help but think that it’s not bothering you when you have shoes on b/c of the support. Hopefully it’s just an ache and doesn’t stick around for long!

  6. A good tip to stretch that heel/foot muscle is to use a golf ball on the floor and roll your foot around on top of it. It helps those muscles underneath that get a workout with high heels.

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  8. Congrats on the run – that is awesome! 1/2 marathon is DEFinitely doable. 🙂 I hope your foot/heel feels better. I know a common running injury is PF, so maybe you could google stretches for that? (I know stretching calves are a biggie).

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