One of *those* days…

….yes, my friends, I’m having a big ‘ol fat day. And why, do you ask, could I possibly have a fat day after yesterday’s super-long (for me) run coupled with last week’s series of Kick workouts, or even this morning’s Power class (that nearly killed me)?

Because I’m a woman, and as a woman, we can all be a little bit (or a LOT) irrational at times.

Nevertheless, its infuriating, frustrating, and really annoying me that I’ve fallen into the “do I look fat in this outfit?” mindset. Annnnnd, its starting to put a damper on my mood after a fantastic weekend. Blah.

I mean, I know we’re all allowed to have a “moment” now and then but still, I was doing so good with staying positive and “blooming” and all that jazz and then wham! Fat day hits me in the face.

Meh – I’m gonna chalk it up to a bit of holiday indulging yesterday (though wasn’t nearly as bad as past holidays, so that’s a bit of a comfort) and calling today a new day. I started it off right with Power, I have some great eats lined up for today (starting off with almonds post-workout, overnight oats at work for breakfast, a turkey wrap with tzatziki, cucumers, spinach and alfalfa sprouts with baby carrots on the side for lunch, and a chobani vanilla for the afternoon), and am thinking about a run after work tonight with Scott since its GORGEOUS out in Boston yet again today.

With that, I’m off – in all black (its slimming, no?), and a cute pair of animal print heels – to knock this Monday outta the park! No more fat days, fat thoughts, fat anything!