One of *those* days…

….yes, my friends, I’m having a big ‘ol fat day. And why, do you ask, could I possibly have a fat day after yesterday’s super-long (for me) run coupled with last week’s series of Kick workouts, or even this morning’s Power class (that nearly killed me)?

Because I’m a woman, and as a woman, we can all be a little bit (or a LOT) irrational at times.

Nevertheless, its infuriating, frustrating, and really annoying me that I’ve fallen into the “do I look fat in this outfit?” mindset. Annnnnd, its starting to put a damper on my mood after a fantastic weekend. Blah.

I mean, I know we’re all allowed to have a “moment” now and then but still, I was doing so good with staying positive and “blooming” and all that jazz and then wham! Fat day hits me in the face.

Meh – I’m gonna chalk it up to a bit of holiday indulging yesterday (though wasn’t nearly as bad as past holidays, so that’s a bit of a comfort) and calling today a new day. I started it off right with Power, I have some great eats lined up for today (starting off with almonds post-workout, overnight oats at work for breakfast, a turkey wrap with tzatziki, cucumers, spinach and alfalfa sprouts with baby carrots on the side for lunch, and a chobani vanilla for the afternoon), and am thinking about a run after work tonight with Scott since its GORGEOUS out in Boston yet again today.

With that, I’m off – in all black (its slimming, no?), and a cute pair of animal print heels – to knock this Monday outta the park! No more fat days, fat thoughts, fat anything!


11 thoughts on “One of *those* days…

  1. Sorry you’re having one of *those* days. I am, too, but mine is totally self-inflicted (tried to make up giving up chocolate for Lent in one day – NOT smart!). Whenever I have those days, though, I wear a cute (but also comfortable) outfit, and just keep telling myself it’s only temporary. Who knows why our minds go through that…but it’s like bad hair days (I think) – the only one who notices it is you!

  2. Tell yourself you are beautiful over and over. You are! And you’re strong! We all have those days, but we have to fight them hard. It’s not how we are meant to view ourselves. We are wonderfully made and need to love ourselves for that truth alone. Hope the day cheers up!

    • Holly – SO true, nobody is gonna know I “feel” fat but me. I need to think about that more often, I think. Agree on chocolate too – after my run yesterday, I was like well I TOTALLY deserve that handful of M&Ms, etc., etc., etc. 😉

      Heather – yes, I do know its all mental, ack! Why!! LOL.

      Tina – THANK you for your kind and positive words, sometimes all it takes is positive reinforcement and I’m back in action. Or sometimes just blogging it out works wonders, as it did for me today, so far at least. 😉

      Thanks ladies!!

  3. I have these days, but the good thing is they’re usually followed by much more positive days. Do what I always say: talk to yourself like you would to your sister or your friends. You would never call them fat or whatever, you would tell them how gorgeous they are and how proud you are of them. Have a good day!! 🙂

    • LOVE this, Em. You’re right – like I’d ever say ‘hi friend, you look really fat today” I mean really!! Isn’t it funny how when you’re in the “I’m fat” mode, you’re all irrational but the minute you step back and think about it, all of this advice makes total sense.

  4. AMEN! Get that fat talk outta here! I have to admit, it’s so hard to get yourself to stop after so many years of it! Sure we all ate too much over the holiday weekend – that’s what Mondays are for, right?!

  5. Fat talk free week! We’re all guilty of it… in fact, EVERY SINGLE TIME that I wear this one pair of black pants (I wore them today and they’re tight), I feel fat. It’s ridiculous and like you said, so irrational! Glad you blogged it out. 🙂

  6. Don’t beat yourself up about it. It happens to every one of us. I find that if I just get back into the normal routine, I feel better. Plus, it was a holiday weekend.

    • Ohh Laura – I like the “fat talk free” week – how about fat talk free YEAR?? Probably a stretch huh?

      Thank you Lee and Alicia for the vote of confidence – I promise to return the favor next time you have a “moment” 😉

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