Fitness brings people together…

…like nothing else.  Seriously. This has struck me more and more often lately.

Was reminded of that this morning, in particular, when my mom sent me an email about my recent series of blog posts on my Kick assessment as well as my sister’s guest blog from yesterday. She read some of the comments from those posts in particular and was struck by how those comments were so spot-on with how supportive me and my sisters are of one another in real life.

This reminded me one of the “why’s” for why fitness has become so integral and ingrained into my life. When friends, family and colleagues ask me why I work out so much and what it is that draws me in — I have a variety of responses to that, many of which I’ve shared here. Feeling strong, fit and empowered; the endorphin rush; the obvious health and wellness benefits.

But another benefit and a more recent driver behind my workout-a-holic ways? The various friendships I’ve developed purely based on a shared passion for fitness.

  • The shared bond with my “IRL” (in real life) friends who either have always loved working out like me, or have recently picked it up.
  • The increased bond between my sister and I (my other sister, Jen, and I are also super-close, too, don’t get me wrong!) since she went through her divorce in the past year+ as we both threw ourselves into our workouts more than ever before.
  • The Cathletes I’ve met on previous Road Trips (more on this in a sec) – and those that have become Cathletes with me from amongst those IRL friends I noted above.
  • My Kick “family” at my gym – both my fellow Kick instructors-in-training and the “regulars” who come to all of our Kick classes and are always vocal about sharing their love of the classes so far (which makes me smile from ear-to-ear of course!)
  • The “crazy, strong, and loving it” Cathe Forum friends I most recently met via Heather at Where’s the Beach. We log on daily to share our workouts for the day, any challenges we’re facing and anything else related to our crazy workout schedules that we feel like discussing on that particular day. This is an awesome group of ladies from all over the world – thanks to Heather for convincing me to check the forum out originally!
  • And, of course, my fellow fitness and wellness blogging friends I’ve been so lucky to have met either in-person (Hey, Naomi!) or virtually, I LOVE sharing ideas for new workouts, reading about yummy healthy recipes and rooting one another on.

I’m re-reading this list again and, wow, I had no trouble whipping up a handful of various communities and pockets of friendships I’ve formed simply based on a shared passion for fitness. THAT is pretty darn cool if you ask me. 🙂

In other fitness news, today is THE day for the Cathe Road Trip registrations!! This will be my third trip to the annual road trip in New Jersey where Cathe is based (it’s where her gym is and where her filming studio is, too) and I cannot WAIT to go back this year. Now that I’ve been to two of them, I’ve made quite a few friends who I am dying to see again, especially my “Sisterhood of the Traveling Cathletes” friends I met last year (though, sadly, at least one of them – Sue, can’t come this time, SAD!). It’s an amazing weekend of laughter, lots of sweating, lots of good food and of course, bonding with Cathe herself. What could be better?? Registrations open in about an hour and I’m DYING to get onto the site to get myself a spot (and a spot for my sis who is traveling today, ack!) – there are only 105 spots so competition is pretty fierce. Fingers and toes crossed!! I’ll report back later, I promise. 😉

Quick update – Jo and I are in!! AND Heather made it too, YAY!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!

10 thoughts on “Fitness brings people together…

  1. This is such a great post Jessica. I am soooo glad that we managed to bump into each other and glad I finally convinced you to check in with the other workout fanatics LOL. I too am so thankful for the friendships and camaraderie gained through fitness. I think that those of us who have the drive to workout as we do are naturally drawn together as go-getters, type a-ers too. You know, the pot/kettle thing; we all get each other.

    I only wish I had more IRL friends who were as into exercise and fitness as I am. I keep trying to recruit them, but I think I may frighten them just a wee bit 😉

    • Seriously Heather – I say it all the time, you are my FIRST blog friend I made when I started blogging last fall and we are so alike, its kind of scary. I can’t imagine the trouble we’d get into if we lived closer. LOL! Sad that you don’t have as many IRL friends who are workout-a-holics, though it’s no wonder – one look at your workout regime and they must run for the hills, hehe!

  2. I agree completely…although I wish I had more fitness buddies here! 🙂 Since I just joined a new gym a couple of months ago, there are more people my age. And I do have a couple of friends I do classes with, and it makes a HUGE difference when we work out together.

    I can’t wait to hear more about the Cathe Road Trip – it sounds awesome!!

    • The road trip is SUCH an awesome experience! I didn’t have my blog last year so I’m totally excited to blog it up while I’m there with pictures and stuff. Yippee!! And yes, I realize I’m a total fitness dork by my sheer excitement over it, and I’m ok with that 😉

      • It DOES bring people together – I feel so fortunate to have met so many people IRL, but also, some via YOUR blog sis (and Heather’s!) and love it. If I didn’t have my blog, I’d totes compete with you for workout blog friends – LOL just kidding. Can’t wait for the RT with you ladies too!!

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