A comment that changed everything…

…for those of you that blog, you know exactly what I mean. Just one comment from a reader who brings a new, fresh perspective can change everything. Well, I had that moment today.

If you go to my blog post from yesterday and read the comment from Lourdes, you can probably guess where this blog post is heading.

It’s time to change up how I’ve been approaching Kick. Up until now, I’ve simply woven it into my existing workout regime. And, that has often meant working out more and more, which isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but when it causes me to lose focus without me even realizing it? Yes, then it’s a bad thing.

After reading Lourdes’ comment (THANK you a million times over!), I realized, in part, what my struggle has been with Kick, at least recently. I’ve been overdoing it – trying to be great at everything – running harder and longer, lifting heavier and harder, kicking and jabbing with ferocity. While Kick has been quite the mental challenge for me as well as physical, the fact that I’ve been weaving Kick into several other workouts hasn’t necessarily been the best idea. And – I probably never would have considered that fact had it not been for Lourdes’ comment.

So, what am I going to do about it, you ask? I’m going to do something that’s I’ve never considered before. I’m going to focus. Just on Kick and core/endurance work.

What that means is no more Power classes. Limited running or spinning. No Cathe workouts. Almost a sole focus on Kick:

…Learning the ten new tracks for the Spring ’10 release.

…Practicing technique so my punches are more intense, my kicks more precise.

…Working on my core via pilates and core fusion classes (and planks every night before bed, plus 25 push-ups since the new Kick release has push-ups galore in the conditioning track)

…Improving my endurance even more so I’m not wimpering my way through the tail-end of a Kick workout, and thus, ruining my Kick technique in the process.(this may mean a couple of running sessions during the week)

This is HARD for me to swallow. Cutting certain things from my typical workout regime is already something my mind is battling. I want to lift weights. I want to spin. I want to run (though I think a case can be made to keep running in the mix for the sheer endurance benefits it has).

But what I want more is to ROCK Kick. Like really rock it. I want to be in the top of my “class” vs. somewhere in the bottom half.

So that means sacrifices. Mentally, I need to prepare. Physically, I’m ready to Kick, Kick, Kick.

Mentally I need to push out the irrational fear that avoiding weight lifting or other forms of cardio will NOT make me lose muscle strength or “lose” my spinning and/or running ability. I also need to realize that this is short-term, for the most part. For the next couple of weeks, especially leading into the launch of the new release, I’m going to be very Kick focused. My sister agrees to a certain extent, but part of her thinks we’ll get “kicked out” from doing Kick and not that much else as part of our workout routine. I’m taking the “why not” approach (or trying to!) – figuring that maybe the reason I’ve struggled with Kick is because I haven’t had as much focus as perhaps I need to in order to achieve my goal of not only passing the Kick assessment but getting a class of my own on the gym schedule.

As you can see, a lot of this is still running around in my head, but I’m going to give it a shot. I owe it to myself to find focus. I equate it to preparing for a finals in college. You spend hours and hours and days and days focused on the materials you need to read and review in order to pass those intense exams at the end of the semester. I need to approach Kick in much the same fashion, at least now that I have new material to learn in the next few weeks and while I still have the Kick assessment looming over my head.

Though, I was never very good at “studying” in college – I was always one that pretty much picked things up as I went and didn’t need to study hard-core like others in my class. But then, maybe that’s my problem now – I think I can “cram” and get by with Kick but that’s not so this time. I’ve got to accept the fact that this particular challenge or “test” is going to take extra work than perhaps I’ve had to put in, in the past.

So, my workouts this week will be pretty much all Kick, Kick run-throughs with my fellow instructors and pilates/core work, plus MAYBE one long run (but that’s it, I promise).

And you know what? It’s ready or not time…I might be more “not” than “ready” now but I’ll come around. Hopefully. 😉 WIsh me luck in the meantime – it’s gonna take some adjusting in mindset for me, that’s for sure.