Finishing what I started

First off, thank you so much everyone for your words of support and encouragement after my last couple of posts on Kick. It means the world to me and was super-helpful in coming to my most recent decision re: focus.

So anyway, I like to think timing is everything, as you know. I happened to watch another DVR’d episode of Joel Osteen last night that, once again, spoke to me at the exact right moment and thus, is the inspiration for today’s blog post. His message was around dreams and goals and how God always finishes what he starts, even if it happens in a time frame that is quite different from our own time frame for that goal or dream. Joel pointed out that God never aborts a dream and nor should we – we should act confident, like our dreams will come to fruition, that it WILL happen.

After listening to this message and taking it all in, in the context of my current frustrations with Kick, I realized that I need to trust God’s timing. It may not jive with my personal timeline but I have to be OK with that. I will finish what I started – even though I’ve had doubts about that lately, wondering if Kick is really right for me, is it worth all the effort, etc. As my sister so aptly reminded me this morning, I need to take a step back and remember why I’m doing this in the first place – because its a dream, a passion fulfilled. No duh, it’s going to be hard – if it wasn’t hard, why would it be a dream or a goal in the first place?

So, my goal for this week and next? Focus on the goal and the reason behind that goal – letting go of the frustrations and the anguish and just take all of it in as part of the process of meeting my goal, of finishing what I started. I am not a quitter, I’m in this until the end – even though I have a sneaking suspicion that there really is no “end” to this particular challenge. 😉