My husband got laid off from his job yesterday.

There is a LONG story behind all of this that I won’t get into in its entirety here, but essentially his company had to reduce head-count at his level (after they cut at the lower levels and at the corporate office) and rather than doing it smartly or even remotely strategically, they wussed out. Basically let HR make the decision vs. allowing the district managers choose who was to stay and who was to go based on performance. Instead, HR chose based on time in role – and Scott happened to be one of three at the 2 year point in their position – not exactly “new” to the role, to say the least. But I digress.

Scott has been a dedicated, hard-working, and enthusiastic assistant store manager at this particular retail grocery chain for fifteen years.

Fifteen years of dedication, incredible work ethic and a smile every single day.

He never complained when they changed his hours up (which ended up drastically impacted how much time we had together not just on the weekends but during the week as well). It got to the point where we didn’t spend any time together most weekends and maybe two nights a week were we able to share dinner together. Not exactly a very good balance there, to say the least.

Yet – he never complained. He just plugged on. We made it work.

So, needless to say, yes – I’m a little bit angry that his company would be so short-sighted. I feel for him because he deserves so much better. But on the other hand, I’m looking at this as a blessing in disguise.

Maybe this will give us a chance to collectively find better work/life balance. It’s bound to be better than what we’d been dealing with up until this point. Plus, Scott has the time he needs to sit back and really think about what his next step will be which is a luxury, and not one to be taken lightly, that’s for sure.

The other piece of this puzzle that I’m really thinking about today? That this will be the first time in the history of our entire nearly 10 year relationship that I’ll have THIS much time with Scott. I’m so used to his work schedule leaving us little time for “us” on the weekend – he’d usually work Saturdays and every other Sunday. And, during the week, our schedules were fairly similar up until recently when he started working a few nights.

So now? The sky’s the limit.

I’ll wake up to workout and he’ll be right next to me, working out by my side (which I’m so excited about – what a great way to start my day!)

I’ll come home from work and more than likely, dinner will be made and we’ll eat it together – my, what a novelty.

And the weekends? Now that’s going to be an entirely different world for me. I had quite the routine worked out on Saturdays to keep busy – working out in the morning, cleaning the house top-to-bottom and errands in the afternoon. Worked out pretty well. I jammed as much into the day so I could enjoy the rest of the weekend with Scott when he got home from work.

Now he’ll be there ALL weekend. We can spend time together. He can spend more time with his friends than he’s had time for in the past. We will have a level of freedom for the forseeable future (at least near-term) to enjoy the weekends as our time, not one interrupted by work schedules. I honestly don’t quite know what to make of this change. It might sound so normal to all of you that don’t have a job that requires nights/weekends but for me, this is a treat, a luxury, something not to be taken for granted. So needless to say, this is all so very surreal to me. I’ve never experienced it with Scott ever, ever, EVER in our relationship. Crazy.

All in all? This change is going to be a welcome one. Yes, it’ll be stressful at times while Scott figures out his next step. But, I’m also looking forward to the next phase in our marriage, I sense good things on the horizon. Great things, even. And, in honor of that prospect, I bought Scott a book today to keep him busy – been wanting to buy it since getting back into the Joel Osteen ministries again. The title of Joel’s latest book?

This is your time.

Pretty perfect, huh?