“IF on Top of the World”

“IF on Top of the World.”

I read this quote from a recent Jillian Michaels interview in Women’s Health and it totally spoke to me at just the right moment.

For context, this is what the quote was in reference to, from the article:

“As the interview dies down, Jillian points to a painting she recently acquired: an Ed Ruscha made just for her. A big IF sits atop a half dome, against an orange backdrop. ‘It’s called If on Top of the World,’ she said. ‘It’s all about possibility.'”

Possibility. Dreams to be fulfilled. The unanticipated.The unknown.

These are thoughts rolling around in my head as Scott and I embark on the next phase of our lives together. I truly and firmly believe his layoff was for a specific and very distinct purpose.

Yes, it sucks in the short-term and is a little bit scary, indeed.

But, God never gives us more than we can handle (thanks for that reminder, Em!).

I am a big believer in that and am trying so hard to harness that feeling, to find the strength I need to have to help Scott, support him throughout this next step. I know he’s a little bit more scared than he’ll let on to me. I also know he’s prideful – and it’s gotten to him a bit that he’s “starting over.”

Though – to me, he’s not starting over at all. Quite the opposite, actually. He’s about to stumble into greatness. Not just stumble into it, but embrace greatness.

IF on Top of the World.

The possibilities are endless.

And I’m really excited to join the ride to see where it takes us. I just might like what’s around the bend, I have a feeling.


The purpose of this post tonight? To get all the thoughts in my head down on paper so they made sense…I knew there was a reason for my slight freak out tonight for no apparent reason. My brain was telling me to slow down, stop, think, listen.

Ah, this feels much better.

Thanks for listening. 😉 I’ll be back to normal “programming” tomorrow, promise.