One thing I can always count on…

…a good sweat always makes me feel better.

Add this to the books as reason number five bajillion why I truly love working out.

I’ve been so scattered both this week and last week, mostly due to work being a little on the chaotic side again but also partly due to the recent changes on the home front as well. It’s caused me to be very distracted, for obvious reason, but that has certainly impacted how productive I’ve been lately (read that as not very productive – which, for those who know me, is very out of the ordinary for me!).

On my ride into work this morning, I got lost in my thoughts as my sister sat next to me blackberry-ing away (in her defense, she was busy scheduling our Kick practice tonight, ha) and got to thinking about my blog and what it was that I wanted to write about today (since I was bound and determined to get one written before tackling today’s to-do list at work!).

It suddenly struck me – no matter how busy life gets, I can always, always, count on a good sweat-fest to make me feel better, more energized, more centered, more me.Β  And now, more than ever, I need that consistency in my day – I need to know that I can count on a good workout to reinvigorate me. It might sound counterintuitive to some of you who wonder how on earth I manage to work out as much as I do (or love it as much as I do). For some, when the going gets tough, nothing about a workout is appealing. It’s more intuitive for most (I realize I’m in the minority here) to want to sit back, relax and just be. And there is nothing wrong with that. Seriously. For me? I’ve just found that getting rid of that excess energy is almost like relieving my body and mind of toxins – I just feel like all is right in the world afterwards. Whatever it was that was stressing me out, causing my brain to go into overthinking overdrive, or making me anxious suddenly seems a little bit less of an issue after a good sweat.

I realize I’m totally rambling now but hopefully you see my point. That’s the kind of consistency I need in my day and that, my friends, gets to the root behind why I love to workout, why I truly love it. And, if you’re wondering, this post is totally inspired by Kelly’s recent post on motivation, over at Healthy Living with Kelly. Go check it out when you get a sec, I told her the same thing I’ll tell you – I think we share a brain, I totally could’ve written that very same post! πŸ˜‰

6 thoughts on “One thing I can always count on…

  1. I am totally with you on sweating it out! I’ve never thought about it like getting rid of toxins, but it’s so true. Sometimes that pent up energy is toxic – toxic thoughts, stress, etc. I think the one thing about exercising too, is that it’s YOUR time. Whether you’re a runner, lifter, stepper, kicker, spinner, dancer…it’s your private time (even if you’re in a class) set aside from work, from chores, from the daily grind.

  2. Thanks for the shout out!!! Too bad we don’t live closer to one another…we would probably be great workout partners!! πŸ™‚ Have a great day today! xoxo!

  3. Could NOT agree more about this! I think that’s why I struggle mentally so much when I’m unable to work out – it’s my down time, my hobby, my “me” time, my relaxation time, even. No matter what happens, if I can get my booty to the gym, I know all will be okay in the world (okay, not the world – but at least my little world!).

    • Heather – I’m glad you like my comparison to toxins, its true huh – sort of has that purifying quality to it, if you will πŸ˜‰

      Jo – YES, that’s exactly it, if I haven’t worked out, I always feel just a wee bit off, MOST of the time anyway

      Kelly – I know, right?? Though since I’ll be traveling to your neck of the woods next week, it miiiiight just happen, which would be way cool if you ask me πŸ™‚

      And Holly – SEE! This is exactly how I feel and most people just look at me like I have four heads – yes, working out is, well, WORK, but its work I am happy to do, that I like to do and would do MORE of if I could fit it in, because its for me and nobody can take it away!

  4. Totally agree with you about working out!! So many women at work complain about having to go to the gym or how much they hate running and I just can’t really understand that way of thinking. Because for me it’s definitely a release and it never fails to make me feel 20 times better than I did before. And it gets my mind off of all of my worry.

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