“Every setback is a set up for a comeback”

“Every set back is a set up for a comeback.”

– Joel Osteen

Well if that isn’t a slap of reality and, uhh, perspective, I don’t know what is. As my husband so smartly brought to my attention tonight (as well as my sister – who I’m sure is going to be SO pleased to be the inspiration yet again behind my blog post today), I need to pick myself up and stop looking at Kick so negatively.

And they are right. A LOT of my posts related to Kick include words like “frustrating” or “challenging.” I’ve lost sight of the forest for the trees in a big way.

I know, I know – I’m “allowed” to feel that way, to work my way through those frustrations, which I’m a big fan of – the good ‘ol “blog it out” mentality.

BUT, enough is enough. This setback (aka re-taping my assessment video) is seriously not the end of the world. If I really sit back and think about it? My fitness director surely wouldn’t put me through the stress of re-taping if she didn’t have confidence that I could do better. As my fab friend Ames pointed out in her comment to my blog post yesterday – this is not a sign of a failure, it’s simply an opportunity to do better.

Now, doesn’t that feel much better or what?

I have a book sitting on the windowsill in my office that I sort of don’t pay attention too – its just “art” or a conversation starter or whatever. But Jo pointed it out to me today. Why? Because this is what it says in big bold letters: Never, Never, Never, Give Up. (I actually might take a picture and update my post with it tomorrow when I’m back at work. We’ll see if I remember to do so.)  Regardless, its another awesome reminder of something I truly believe in – giving whatever you do in life your all, and never giving up. Never, never, never.

So yeah, you could say I’m back and ready to “get fierce” with Kick again. I will admit that learning the new tracks for the Spring ’10 release have re-inspired me. The music is great (aside from “Maniac” which just gets stuck in my head all day) and the moves are intense, lots of knees and elbows and propulsion jumps. I’m also WAY excited to test out my new Polar F4 heart rate monitor tomorrow during my at-home Kick practice run-through to see how many calories and how my heart rate spikes during those muay thai moves. I will most certainly report back tomorrow on the heart rate monitor experience, I’m thinking it’s going to be an interesting one. 😉

And, one final side note – reason #5 bajillion why I seriously have the cutest husband ever. He texted me right before I left work tonight and this is what he had to say:

“I love you, those three words have my life in them.”

I mean really, the sweetest, most loving, most thoughtful, most romantic thing he might have ever said to me (aside from “will you marry me, that is!). You’d think after almost 6 years of marriage, those little romantic gestures would be few and far between, but nope, perhaps stronger than ever actually. And I’m very proud to admit that, not gonna lie. 🙂