Up and down and up and down…

Wow, I am QUITE a rollercoaster the past couple of weeks, I’m realizing now upon quickly scanning my last handful of blog posts.

One post will be uplifting and inspirational and positive.

The next day’s post will be down and out and full of frustration.

Then the next will be back to the uplifting and inspiration.

And then back down.

You get the picture.

What is going on?? Well, I started to ask myself that very question.

And then it struck me.

I’ve been so focused on chugging along, pushing towards reaching my various goals (that seem to be mounting by the day, especially that darn Kick goal!), without really giving myself a chance to step back and breathe when things like Scott’s lay-off come into play, for example. Talk about not cutting myself ANY slack whatsoever. No wonder I’ve been on the up and down parade the last two weeks.

This reminds me very strongly of my fave blog friend Heather’s recent post on “lightening up.” She hit the nail on the head – we are VERY similar in how we approach life – we want to be perfect. ALL. THE. TIME. And well, it’s just not realistic or balanced or even healthy to live life as perfectly as possible. Giving yourself a break is not a sign of weakness. It means we’re human. And even us Type-A-ers who want to do it all, 24/7 are allowed to stop and breathe. Seriously, the world will not end, I promise. <—this is me coaching myself to finally believe it. 😉

So, here’s my first shot at lightening up. I had planned a “double” yesterday by adding a run to my routine last night in addition to yesterday’s Kick run-through at home. It ended up raining by the time I got home from work, PLUS I had a raging headache and was starving. So, I told myself (and Scott) that we’d run tonight after work.

On a Friday night.

Um, why? Because in my head I thought I needed to “make up” for the fact that yesterday’s workout wasn’t as intense as I would’ve liked it to be, at least not according to the darn HR monitor. Rather than trying to push myself to run tonight after work, I’m going to head home for what I am sure will be a peaceful, restful, fabulous Friday night date night with Scott. I have nothing special planned aside from the sheer fact that it’ll be SO nice to have him home at a decent hour for once, that I plan to soak in every minute of it. Plus, I am gearing up for a LONG run tomorrow so I better save my legs for that.  And, well, I’m human, and deserve a little break tonight, wouldn’t you say?