DOMS – now that’s what I’m talking about!

DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) – oh, how I love thee.

Yes, call me strange, but I LOVE when a workout leaves me so sore it’s hard to walk, blowdry my hair or get out of my chair to grab something from the printer at work (which actually inspired me to write this post, ha!).

To me, it’s a sign of a really good, intense workout if it leaves you whimpering (in a good way, not an injured way!) the next day. The culprit behind this particular instance of DOMS? The random STS legs workout (from meso 1 – endurance) I decided to do yesterday vs. heading to Group Power at my gym after the two-week self-imposed hiatus I took from weight training. I chose to work legs yesterday since my left shoulder is very sore (I think from all the hooks in Kick) and thought it would only exacerbate things if I tried to get through Power. Boy – STS did NOT let me down, not like it ever could. It’s an incredible workout in and of itself. And wow, did I miss it!

And, if you couldn’t tell – I feel so much better after last night’s rambling blog post, about everything. I already feel so much more excited by my workouts versus viewing them as a stressful event. Even Kick seems less frustrating today – probably because today’s workout involved running through all of the tracks, only to find that I not only know all of my “assigned” tracks for Saturday’s class but I pretty much know all the other ones too, without even really trying!

To me, that signals huge progress and I’m proud of that accomplishment in and of itself. I think looking at these small things as victories is important, and something I probably wasn’t doing enough of lately – and instead, was focusing on the big honkin’ goals like passing the BTS video assessment and getting my own Kick class. I’m jumping too far ahead of myself – little victories and celebrations is the way to go, I’ve decided. So today’s victories – embracing the DOMS and also, realizing that learning all ten Kick tracks in two weeks was totally doable, afterall. 🙂

Something I’ve realized from blogging – I’m much more of an emotional person than I think I realized. I have such reactive tendencies (again which I think stems from my Type-A ways and lack of patience) that rather than taking that all important step back to consider the bigger picture, I get caught up in all the little details instead which is why I’ve been such an up and down-er of late.

It’s so funny to me the things I’ve already learned about myself since I started blogging last fall. Who knew, huh??