Getting re-inspired (again)

A general theme of my blog lately has been about rediscovery – rediscovering my love of fitness and the “why” behind that love. Mostly because I’ve had some ups and downs lately — (admittedly) I haven’t been able to get out of my head and just enjoy the things that I love, not just fitness-wise but in life, generally-speaking, too.

So, I’ve dubbed May as the month where I will get re-inspired. I will find that centeredness I’ve been lacking lately and I will definitely find that perspective that I desperately need a lot more often than not lately. (And, once again, this post is partially inspired by Jo’s recent post on “Losing the ‘me’ in ‘me’” – thanks for being my blogger muse LOL!)

To get the party started, I’m taking stock of the things in my life most recently that have made me most happy, lately (again, fitness-related or otherwise):

  • DOMS – yes, I have them in a major way today, mostly in my chest from an awesome Power workout on Monday.
  • Sweat– for some reason, the more of a sweat-fest my workout is, the better I feel. I’m learning that the amount of sweat produced makes me feel so accomplished – more so than what that darn HR monitor may say for calories burned. If I’m drenched in sweat, it’s been a darn good workout in my book 😉
  • Friends – who I love more than anything. Who are there for me at JUST the right time. Who make me feel loved. Who are SO MUCH FUN on bar crawls (and otherwise of course!). Who are like my family.
  • My husband – who I’ve had so much freakin’ fun having around now that he’s officially unemployed. Who knew I’d actually be celebrating that fact but I totally am!! It’s only been a few days and already I’m loving how much more time we have for the little things that we usually have to cram into a much shorter period of time. Even if its just an extra hug after dinner or laying in bed at night talking eachother’s ear off with the lights off before bed.
  • The Auntie Throwdown – I can’t believe I almost left this one off the list ESPECIALLY because my sister found out that she’s having a GIRL!! NOW the throwdown has truly begun – watch out Jo,  I’m on a mission to win this throwdown once and for all.

See? When I look at this list – a list I could surely add more to – I realize what a step back to gain perspective really does. It reminds me just how darn good life is, despite the ups and downs. Generally speaking, it’s a damn good life and I’m one lucky chica.

What I also notice? That Kick is nowhere to be found on this list. And, that’s not because I don’t love Kick anymore, I’m just trying not to let it consume my every waking moment because I’ll just get nuts about it and we all know what happens if I go that route.  There are, however, lots of Kick-related things coming up in the not-too-distant future, one of which is the video assessment re-tape on Friday night which I’ve purposefully note written about heavily, of late. I’m trying to downplay it in my mind as just another Kick class. I’m hoping this approach works and I can truly knock this version outta the park – no nerves this time, just energy, smiles and lots of hootin’ and hollerin’. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

Cheers to May – my month for re-inspiration. 🙂