Touched and inspired…

…funny how inspiration strikes you at just the right time. Just last night I blogged about getting re-inspired about fitness and life in general and wham! a new source of inspiration hit me first thing this morning.

One of my fellow Kick instructor friends, Stephanie, started her own blog today and admitted that my sis and I were a source of inspiration for finally starting a blog of her own. And I can already tell it’ll be a phenomenal blog just by reading her first entry. I highly recommend you all check out DaisySunnieStephie’s blog for future updates (no pressure or anything, Steph!!).

What totally touched and inspired me in reading her blog is that she admitted that she, too, has bouts with shyness yet here she is a big, bad (CERTIFIED!) Group Kick instructor kicking some ass and taking names.  My sis and I have definitely had to face that fear head-on as well and I think that’s why the three of us have really bonded the most throughout this Kick journey – because it’s totally out of our element, has taken us completely out of our comfort zone and we’ve all had moments of downright fear, at times. But yet – we’ve ALL conquered those fears, those feelings of “can I really do this?” and are thisclose to being certified Group Kick instructors – in fact, Steph already is (Woo!).

So, while last night’s post was all about re-inspiration about other things in life outside of Kick, in particular – today’s inspiration is directly related to this Kick journey. I’m so thankful that I’ve discovered some great friendships as a direct result of Kick and that we’ve all grown and learned and knocked ourselves out of our comfort zones entirely (and not gonna lie, we have some pretty “kick-worthy” shoulders going on, too which I’m personally pretty proud of!). And, we are truly better people for taking the leap of faith last December, that much I’m sure of.

So, on this Cinco de Mayo day, my source of inspiration, kick and otherwise, is Steph. Rock on, sista!!